Hello world! Again.

Finally I blog at WordPress!

Why blog?

I talked to my friend at Sales Catalysts about Front-End Optimization and Content Delivery Network adoption in HK this morning. I shared with him the things I learnt in the last few months since I joined EdgeCast last Feb. He’s very interested in how FEO and CDN could help users to access websites faster.

Why faster? 天下武功,无坚不破,唯快不破!

He and I were colleagues at LinkAge Online (acquired by PSINet in 1998) and we were selling Internet access and hosting services. We may called ourselves layer 1/2/3 guys and we believed bandwidth was the most important thing regarding Internet speed. The Internet infrastructure nowadays is completely different than the dotcom era. Today people are talking about mini-second and low latency. Every improvement during the whole HTTP transmission process counts! Server I/O, SSD storage, static & dynamic content, HTTP server configuration, FEO, CDN, browser behavior…

FEO and CDN are more about layer 7 and it takes time & effort for layer 1/2/3 guys to learn them. He thanked me for my sharing. I am happy to so because we are in the ICT industry and it is our roles to make the Internet a better place to work, live, play and Learn!

I twit interesting & useful things I learn. It is good if I can contribute back to the community by writing more organized messages.

Here are a few websites with easy-to-use FEO & CDN information:
Web Performance Best Practices and Rules http://yslow.org/
Benefits of CDN https://kindle.amazon.com/post/MCS0P5U7DVQS
Test a website’s performance http://www.webpagetest.org/

That’s why I blog.

PS. It is more easy to use WordPress by browser rather than the iOS app. HTML helps blogging at WordPress:) I’ve not written HTML code for a long time…

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