Let’s talk HK

Here are the top 25 most popular web sites in HK, their HQ countries and YSlow grades, 15 May 2012:

Alexa rank domain country YSlow grade
1 yahoo.com US B
2 facebook.com US A
3 google.com.hk US D
4 google.com US D
5 youtube.com US B
6 baidu.com CN A
7 taobao.com CN C
8 qq.com CN D
9 wikipedia.org US B
10 nextmedia.com HK C
11 live.com US A
12 discuss.com.hk HK E
13 sina.com.cn CN F
14 blogspot.com US B
15 tudou.com CN B
16 uwants.com HK D
17 hsbc.com.hk HK C
18 weibo.com CN B
19 on.cc HK D
20 linkedin.com US C
21 hkjc.com HK D
22 tvb.com HK C
23 apple.com US B
24 hkreporter.com HK D
25 soso.com CN B

Performance varies with time but the table shows a few things:
1.US and China leading content providers captures a lot of HK users
2.HK sites lag behind US and CN sites in performance optimization
3.HK online shoppers favor taobao.com

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