imgur. Head and Shoulders. iPad mini

Congratulations to imgur!

imgur is a photo sharing site with Alexa‘s Global ranking at #67 and US at #29! They recently reached 2 billion pageviews a month! Here is the extract from a TechCrunch interview:
“Much of this is possible thanks to a service called EdgeCast, which Imgur tapped into in June of 2011. It’s a content delivery network that helps ensure Imgur users enjoy quick upload times and no outages. And we’re glad the partnership is working out so well for both parties. I, personally, can’t imagine a world without images like these…”

(I think download is a better term than upload.)

How quick? Click the link below to get the 1500×3876 pixels infograhic (812KB in size) and feel it! It looks great on the new iPad!×3876.png

FYI, below is a resized version (300×755). Some sites use smaller infograhics to reduce load time in the expense of customer experience! Not every visitor wants low resolution infograhics. You pinch out to see things in detail, right?

Below is a yesterday Mashable article with another high resolution infographic (1001×2595) about how much trust parents put in gadgets like iPad:

Besides parents, both students and teachers are happy to use iPad too. Watch the video in this article to see and feel it:

While iPad is a great device to learn, but holding it for a long time is hazardous to health! Read this, carefully:

No Joke! My arms and shoulders are complaining!

Nearly 20% American adults own tablets. Market is moving from Innovators and Early Adopters to Early Majority. More teenagers, elders and people in Asia & EMEA are new iPad users. For example the Thailand government is buying tablets for 1 million students!

Is the current iPad form factor the best for these new customers?

The closer we near the WWDC, the more rumors about new Apple products. One school of thought is against a smaller iPad because Steve Jobs said 7-inch tablets are “useless”, “dead on arrival”,  and users won’t enjoy the experience. Make senses, esp. for demanding Innovators and Early Adopters.

It makes sense too if Apple designs a new form-factor tablet to cater new customer groups. Smaller, lighter, less costly. More personalized.

iPad mini? It is not about competition and marketshare. It is about how technologies marry with the humanities. Everything else is secondary.

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