Let’s talk HK: datacenter

Had lunch this afternoon with a good old friend and a new one. They are very knowledgeable about datacenter industry in HK!

Regardless of high land and electricity costs, many people find HK a great place for datacenter, including HK government. There is a dedicated government website to promote to build and operate data centers in HK:

It is a promotional website and I assume it is very easy to find list of datacenters in HK. Sell by reference is effective. I am wrong in making these assumptions:(

List of DC service operators in HK can be found at Data Center Map:

Local FTNS, Pacnet, Rackspace and Verizon, etc. are not in the list. Interesting… here are the DC service providers in HK:

Name Website YSlow grade CDN Finder
PowerNetix http://www.powernetix.com/ A
SunnyVision http://www.sunnyvision.com/ D
solana.hk http://solana.hk/index.php B
NTT http://www.hk.ntt.com/en/index.html C
iAdvantage http://www.iadvantage.net/ B
HKCOLO http://www.hkcolo.com/hkc_website/site_flash/index.html B
Equinix http://www.equinix.com/en_US/ C Cotendo
AsiaTone http://www.asia-tone.com/ C
Dyxnet http://www.dyxnet.com/Home/Home.aspx?lang=en-US C
iXTech http://www.hkcix.com/en/index.php C
Photon Link http://www.photonlink.com/ B
CITIC http://www.citictel.com/en/index.php C
ACME http://www.acmehk.net/ C
HKTI http://www.hktechnology.com/ C
Net Cloud http://www.netcloud.com.hk/ B
Pacnet http://www.pacnet.com/ C EdgeCast
PCCW http://www.pccw.com/ C
Verizon http://www.verizonbusiness.com/ B Akamai
Rackspace http://www.rackspace.com.hk/ D Akamai

A lot of rooms to improve their website performances:)

3 Comments on “Let’s talk HK: datacenter”

  1. David says:

    Good for your information

    • Andre says:

      Hi David,

      I hope you find my blog useful. If you’re interested in how datacenter service can leverage CDN, I am happy to share more with you.


  2. Techrich says:

    Andre, great list you have. Could you possibly list techrich.hk based on our Kwai Chung IDC?

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