The joy is in the journey. The Next Big Thing in our hands

People ask me why I am so passionate with my work. My answer is I am very happy and excited being part of The Next Big Thing – The Web in our hands.

Transportation was the big thing of the last century, as Horace said in the 5by5 Critical Path #40

I don’t have chance to join the development of rail and aviation industry. We have the Web now. I am glad I can participate in it! “The joy is in the journey” as Tim Cook shared in D10.

I believe the Web is The Next Big Thing and CDN will be a core component because
1.Business transactions, no matter B2B or B2C, are moving to the Web
2.Businesses will operate more regionally/globally to stay competitive and to extend market reaches
3.People expect Web will be beautiful, and available instantly anytime and anywhere. People become more and more impatient of slow Web

Twenty years ago in 1992 HTTP and Mosaic visualized the Internet. If we apply Diffusion of Innovations in the commercial application of the Web, I think we’re now in the Early Majority phase. Adoption grows much faster and creates huge demands and opportunities. Now is a great time for everyone to join the party!

In a 1996 interview, Steve Job told Wired that the Web is The Next Big Thing and there were three parts to the Web: the client, the pipes, and the servers. He envisioned that some people could come out with some very interesting Web terminals and sell some hardware.

After Steve returned to Apple, Richard Rumelt asked him “What are you trying to do? What is the long-term strategy?” “I’m going to wait for the next big thing” Steve answered with simile.

Computing power and connectivity are much more accessible now. People are ready. If someone thinks iPhone is a phone, then the iPad debuted in year 2010 was the first “very interesting Web terminal”. It took Apple twelve years to make it happens!

The Web – the client-pipe-server architecture – needs more than Apple. It involves a lot of parties to work together to make the Web delivered faster form the server thro the pipe to the client. End-to-end transmission is no longer good enough and more intelligent delivery mechanisms will evolve. Similar to the shift of computing power from mainframe to PC, Internet traffic is moving from backbone to the edge. Most of us shop at convinent stores like 7-Eleven. Most of us, if not all, will use the Web build on top of CDN.

To make the Web more user-friendly and secure are exciting opportunities too! A lot of interesting things happen!

The Web is an incredible democratizer. What are you waiting for?

In the first Men In Black, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith hold the “universe” in their hands to protect it. We have the Web in our hands to make it better.

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