The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Apple TV.

I watched my first iTune Store movie rental – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – in this damn hot Sat night.

Currently there are 44 movies in the iTunes Store HK. I wanted to experience watching iTunes movie and I knew that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a very good fiction, so I rented this HD movie for HK$38. The movie was available to watch with 30 days. Once I started watching it, the movie was available for 48 hours only and I could watch it as many times as I wanted to during the period.

It is interesting that I can rent this movie via iPad or iPhone but not Apple TV…

It took less that 40min to download the 4.4GB video to my iPad. Pretty fast. The movie was great. Exciting story with rude murders and crazy people. Sweden was beautiful. Daniel Craig was cool. Rooney Mara was an insanely great hacker! The movie is not very famous and popular in HK when compared to Harry Porter and Lord of Rings. It is available in iTunes Store HK because both Daniel and Rooney are frequently using their MacBooks in the movie?

Pay-per-view movie is available on my IPTV service for a long time but I’ve never used it. I think the reason is user interface. It is easy to do movie research on iPad and to buy/rent movie in iTunes Store. I can replay any part of the movie by sliding my finger. It is quite difficult to use the current TV interface to do the same things. Shopping video on iPad and AirPlaying it to big TV screen while sitting on the couch is likely the best configuration, the best configuration to “crack the TV market”.

Mass adoptions of broadband, iTunes, iPod/iPhone/iPad are required to enable millions of people to easily consume OTT videos and to meet volumes asked by studios. Are we ready?

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