iPhone 5. Hand Feel. In My Life.

There were a lot of changes in the last three months. There were happiness and sadness, joys and pains, relaxing as well as breath-taking events. Some forever, not for better.

And there was iPhone 5 launch.

I was very very very lucky to get an iPhone 5 from carrier Smartone last week. After using it for more than a week, I would like to share my experience here too. There’re a lot of reviews, and below is mine.

Talk about some minor problems first:
-LTE is really power sucking!
-iOS 6 is problematic with WiFi
-the aluminium body is softer than the stainless steel of iPhone 4/4S and is easily to be scratched.

LTE uses more power because there are more cellular transmissions and more heavy computations.

However LTE is blazing fast! I can easily get close to 40Mbps download speed! It is much faster than most Fast Ethernet connected PCs! With the new powerful A6, browsing on iPhone 5 is really a pleasure!

Imagine how much bandwidth all these moving LTE highres display mobile devices are generating… it is amazing!

In order to keep the battery life, I switch off cellular and use WiFi whenever possible. I encountered unstable WiFi connectivity with the new iPhone initially. Complaints from people are more than a hundred pages at Apple Support Communities. I improved it by deleting the SSID and then manually adding it back. There are still some issues, I guess there are DHCP and WPA bugs in iOS 6. My new iPad takes longer to connect to WiFi after iOS 6 upgrade and sometimes SpeedTest is hanged during upload testing. The good news is both devices can connect to the WiFi networks I usually use. Hopefully an iOS 6 update will be available soon.

The iPhone 5 is an artwork! 4 & 4S are already great and beautiful industrial designs. But iPhone 5 is just better! It is a brand new great experience holding iPhone 5! As Horace Dediu said in the latest 5by5 Critical Path episode, it is all about the Hand Feel.

I love carrying my iPhone 5 caselessly. But at the end I decided to use a case to protect the scratch-prone aluminium body. I preferred simple and translucent so I bought the Tunewear Softshell. The case is good and protective but I feel it is not alright… I can’t feel the lightness and slim of iPhone 5! Then I took iLounge and TNW recommendations to buy the SwitchEasy Tones. (PS. Like iPhone 5, SwitchEasy Tones are almost sold out in HK too!) It feels just different in my hand!

Feel Different.

Why iPhone 5? Faster. Lighter. Thinner.

What people are looking for about their next laptops? Faster (to run applications). Lighter (to carry). Thinner (to put in the luggage).

One year and one week ago Steve Jobs left us. There was a great Remembering Steve video on Apple website. Here it is in case you miss it.

“For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them”

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