Using to create my mobile site

I wanted to create a simple website to show how to use CDN. A that moment I only had my iPhone and I found there was an app I thought it was a good idea to use it to create my first mobile-optimized website.

Very easy to use. creates websites as well as provides hosting for Free! The hosting service is even equipped with CDN! Site statistic is available. It also supports virtual domain. Pretty cool!

Photos can be uploaded from library or Dropbox. Photos will be optimized for mobile. For video one can now add Youtube only. It does not support ftp or html editing. Maybe fee-based services in the future?

Here is my mobile site:

At the end I applied a domain at Hover and hosting service at GoDaddy. I copied the content from my mobile web page, used PaintText to edit it. Cached some contents on CDN and then uploaded the web page via FTP.

The following URL is a simple showcase how CDN improves web objects download:

Here is a Firebug result of the above-mentioned URL:

The red box highlights the load times of three identical files from different sources: points to GoDaddy server in Singapore. 2.62 second to get the file from it. points to EdgeCast CDN. 0.824 second to get the file the CDN. points to EdgeCast CDN too. 0.926 second to get the file.

Internet transmission performance is varying. One gets different load times at different times. However the result shows in general CDN delivers content much faster than customer origin server.

Thank for the interesting app and service😄

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