Not all browsers are created equal

I noticed that I could not visit my demo pages when I was using LTE/3G. My browser got 404 or other errors when I was on cellular network.

I assumed my cellular provider’s nameservers were not uppated when I modified my DNS records.

I browsed again this afternoon and discovered that my cellular provider did manage my cellular data connection and block Safari access to progressive download video!

HLS from CDN was ok:

I got the same result using Chrome:

Dolphin with Desktop Mode was able to access all videos. Thanks God!

It was highly suspicious that my cellular provider employed some network-based traffic managements (e.g. transparent proxies) to control cellular subscriber access to mobile video in order to reduce both cellular and overseas data traffic!

I reviewed the html code that Safari got and found out that the code was modified by my cellular provider!

The IP address is assigned to SmarTone Telecommunications.

Popular sites such as Youtube and Apple are likely on cellular provider’s whitelist in order to allow subscriber access and minimize service impact.

Even thought LTE supports up to 100Mbps similar to FTTH service, but my cellular connectivity is not as CLEAN as my landline broadband services!

I am glad that my iPhone 5 works fine with my home wifi!

Not all broadband services all created equal!

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