iPad mini LTE in pocket

iPad mini cellular was delivered last Sat as scheduled when I ordered it online on 14th Nov. It was shipped directly from Hong Hai factory in Shenzhen.

It is a small and light tablet. Period.


I tested core features such as LTE, isight camera, FaceTime HD, wifi hotspot as well as Infinitely Blade II. All’re great! I don’t reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of good reviews. I did test something special – iPad mini fits in my shorts pocket! It is extremely mobile! As good as iPhone!


As Horace Dediu advocates, different form factors for different use cases. If iPad is good for content consumption / production and one-to-one / one-to-many presentation, then iPad mini is particular good for reading and gaming! It is so light that one won’t feel tired holding it for hours! Indeed, it feels good in hands! Great finish, great touch.

It is a wonderful X’mas gift. Worry about on time delivery? It is stated on Apple online store that any order on or before 5th Dec, guaranteed delivery before X’mas! If you’re in HK, the date is 9th Dec!

I visited Apple Store Festival Walk yesterday and they told me that iPad mini LTE was not yet for sale in store! I am lucky to get one.


The iconic Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5 was just released in US last week. I saw it available in Apple Store yesterday! Quick! Surprise!

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