Joshua Bixby’s podcast; RUM vs Google Analytics

The last two days I found and listened to a great podcast series by Joshua Bixby, VP Application Acceleration at Radware. One podcast was a discussion between Joshua and Torbit CEO Josh Fraser about how performance has changed from a technical metric to a business metric, as well as RUM (Real User Measurement) vs Google Analytics.

As Josh pointed out in the podcast, “accurate measurement is the prerequisite of web site optimization.”

I think one of the challenges of CDN and site optimization adoption in Asia is that many companies do not have good visibilities of their websites. It is not due to lack of budget to buy tools, but the lack of understanding of how to properly manage web sites.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!”

More customer education is needed to move the market crossing the chasm!

There are a lot of tools to measure different kind of site performances. Google Analytics is a great FREE tool to gain visibilities of how and by whom your website is used. Together with some iOS apps, you have your site usage info anytime and anyplace! Here is the screen capture of Analytiks about my following demo pages:

1.What is CDN – showing how CDN improve large objects delivery

2.CDN video: progressive download and HLS

3.CDN video: access control

4.EdgeCast can turn your H.264 videos into HLS on-demand streams

5.Control your CDN by Rules Engine

6.SSD storage-based cache server to further improve Small object delivery

7.EdgeCast supports flash-based video using RTMP delivery

8.EdgeCast HTTP Large platform speeds up software download


Cedexis Radar is a FREE RUM tool which helps you to understand how good is your website performance from the perspectives of real users around the world! Similar to Google Analytics, what you have to do is to add a few JavaScript lines in those webpages you what to measures. Here is the Cedexis Radar data of my above-mentioned demo pages:


With site usage, demographic and performance info, now you know IF you should better serve your users. The next question is HOW.

3 Comments on “Joshua Bixby’s podcast; RUM vs Google Analytics”

  1. There is definately a lot to know about this topic.
    I love all of the points you have made.

  2. Hi Andre, Nice article. On the subject of RUM vs Google Analytics, here’s a blog post that describes in more detail the contrasting use cases surrounding these 2 tool sets. Although the deployment models are similar (i.e. agentless JavaScript), they have distinct stakeholders, distinct dashboards/reports/alerts. There’s also the question of privacy, data sampling, processing latency etc.
    While it is from a RUM vendor (written by yours truly), it does have some subject-matter related points that might inform your readers.

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