EdgeCast Live Video Streaming

CDN video: Live Streaming

TV Live video streaming, I finally cracked it!

Video delivery is a big use case of CDN. Especially for live video, because for live video a huge number, abnormal from the normal level, of viewers are expected to watch it at the SAME time. It is not likely that a typical company will over-provision its own system capacity to handle this kind of abnormal and non-frequent high traffic volume, unless it is a CDN.

My partners ask me a lot of questions about EdgeCast video streaming solution for live event. I tested/demonstrated it many times, but I did not set up a demo page for it. Why? It is because I didn’t have good live video source! What I have is a MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad. Only MBA can take a video encoder role. Capturing myself by the MBA FaceTime camera and streaming “I’m typing on my notebook” in live is not something I find very interesting and attractive. It is like a still picture rather than live video!

A partner asked me again about live streaming solution last week. It is too costly to explain to each partner one-by-one and set up an ad-hoc demo on-demand every time. It is much more effective and efficient to support my partners if there is a demo page. I always think this way. And finally I make it this time.

What about the live video source?

Well, every tomorrow is a better day. I found last weekend a new, great and free iOS app – OS Broadcaster by Olobon Soft – a video and audio encoder. It turns the iDevice into a mobile video encoder!

I can send live video, via RTMP, from OS Broadcaster to EdgeCast publishing points and then EdgeCast streaming services send the video instantaneously to users all over the world. I find myself become a (potential) TV channel which can provide live videos to thousand of thousand of people! I can share, anywhere and anytime, with the audiences interesting things around me, esp. those in HK, in the most entertaining format – video!

I found yesterday another great and free software – CamTwist for Mac – which can capturing things on desktop and become a video source for Adobe Media Live Encoder. With these tools I can now live stream anything on my screen (such as youtube content, TED talks or my own videos) through EdgeCast CDN to people anywhere who have PCs via RTMP and iDevices via HLS.

How to Stream Your Mac Desktop Live is a great tutorial on youtube showing how to use CamTwist as well as other great tools!

To see is to believe.

Please try yourself: 16th demo – CDN video: Live Streaming

The Journey is the Reward.

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