OTT in HK and Barclays Asia Trophy 2013

6:30pm 24-July-2013 HK Time:

nowTV is one of the earliest commercial IPTV services in the world. It was launched in late 1990s by HK Telecom (now PCCW). Video content was transmitted to households in HK via HKT’s IP network. nowTV was a core HKT’s triple-play component. There are now about 1.2 million household subscribers of PCCW’s nowTV services.

I subscribed nowTV service more ten years ago mainly for live sport. EPL (English Premier League), NBA, Champions Leagues… I’ve been subscribing since then. But the world is changed: I watch less sport but more news content, FTTH replaced ADSL as physical connection… and my main content consumption device was moved from TV to smartphone.

Sport is live to some people. Sport is live content to most people. The world is not flat enough for we in HK to be physically present in UK to attend EPL games. In order to be part of the game, to experience all ups and downs, watching live broadcast is the most probable option. And people are willing to pay for it. Wholehearted.

Tonight we have two Barclays Asia Trophy 2013 games in HK. About 40,000 people will enjoy the games at the football stadium. Tens of thousand will watch them live via nowTV broadcast on TV or PC or smartphone or tablet. How? Please install the now Free TV app.



I will watch the games via my iPhone too. It is because I am not at home. It is because I am part of the game. It is because it will be the live sport broadcast event in HK with most mobile viewers!

11:00pm 24-July-2013 HK Time:

It was my first time to view live soccer game in HK via my iPhone. It was an exciting game between Manchester City and South China. I watched the game and at the same time constantly shared my viewing experience to the live streaming teams behind the scene! I found it was quite challenging to do three different things simultaneously: dinning with friends, watching soccer game and working!

Below are some screen captures of the live streaming video on my iPhone:



AAPL announced its last quarter result yesterday. 6.8% of $35.3b or $2.4b revenue from content sales. Users are consuming more & more videos on the iDevices.

Users are now more mobile from hardware perspective. The next step is to mobilise/democratise more & more content! It is user to decide when/where/how to consume content.

Let’s have more high quality mobile Over-The-Top video services in Hong Kong!

08:22pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

We’ll have the Barclays Asia Trophy 2013 Final tonight! It will start very soon. I am staying at home to enjoy the match, as well as to share my viewing experience with my colleagues!


Above is my “monitoring” setup:
Top: nowTV on TV (IPTV)
Right: on Mac (Smooth Streaming)
Left: PocketProbe on iPad (HLS)
Bottom: now Free TV app on iPhone (HLS)

08:38pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

Man City 1:0 Sunderland!

08:51pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

HLS from CDN is very good!


09:11pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

It rains cats and dogs tonight!


ManU Giggs is at the Hong Kong Stadium watching the game too! Cool!


09:35pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

2nd half starts!


09:50pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

A lot of people! 39,544 attendance in the Hong Kong Stadium!


09:53pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

Penalty kick!


10:20pm 27-July-2013 HK Time:

The game is end! Man City 1:0 Sunderland


Congratulations to Man City!!!


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