Awareness. AMI Power N Consulting. Breath. Now.

Last Sat I attended a full day (9am-6pm) training – Next Level Project Management with NLP – conducted by AMI Power N Consulting.

There is a positive intention for Every behaviour. What was my intention to wake up early in the morning and to spend my whole beautiful Sat daytime in this training? “To get 8 PDUs for my PMP recertification.” I replied to the trainers Emil Chan and Thomas Ding.

At the end I got more than the PDUs. The dots in my life were more connected. I was aware more about Awareness – the Awareness of Emotion-Mind-Body inter-relationship, the Awareness that I am not my mind/I am not my body/I am not my emotion/I am not my behaviour, the Awareness of Now.

The training was very interactive and interesting than I initially expected. Emil and Thomas wholeheartedly shared their knowledge and experiences with the twenty people attending the training. I would feel it. I was more aware about my feeling. I was very lucky to be able to attend this training.

I heard something about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in previous PMI HK Chapter training seminars. However I learnt more this time. The two core NLP beliefs – The Map Is Not The Territory and Mind and Body Are One System. NLP focuses on HOW to manage/change one’s own unconscious mind to achieve goals in life. The training reinforced me the importance of Awareness of my mind, both the conscious one and the unconscious one.


I’ve been in touch with a lot of new things in my life in the last few months. I was in very desperate state last Apr. My friends tired to help me and introduced some great books and training courses to me. Most of them were about spiritual growth, something I was not interested in the past. I don’t have any religious belief but I do now believe in God, the God who is the highest power in the universe.

The first book inspired me is “Meet the Unknown Self” (遇見未知的自己), a Chinese book written by the Taiwanese author Tiffany Chang (張德芬). Her blog is The book is a story about a woman who discovers her spiritual self during a series of ups and downs in her life. It vividly brings out a lot of ideas about different spiritual or personal growth topics. A very light and easy-to-read book which opened the spiritual world to me.

Form this book, I learnt that
-There are two portions of mind, the conscious one and the unconscious one with the later one control 95%+ of one’s behaviours!
-I am not my mind
-I am not controlling my mind and most of the time it is my unconscious mind which controls myself! Therefore I am not in control of myself consciously!
-The external world is a projection of One’s Mind
-Emotion is the reaction of the Body to the Mind. Emotion is a kind of energy, it comes and goes. Let goes the emotion or otherwise it is “stored” in the Body.
-The True Self is Love, Joy and Peace. The True Self is Complete by itself. Life is beautiful.
-One is separated from True Self by Identifying One with One’s Body, Emotion and Mind. One can be reconnected to True Self by One’s Awareness of the aforementioned Identifications. With the Awareness, One can connect to One’s Body, One can surrender to One’s Emotion, One can observe One’s Mind.


The next book I find very inspiring is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Tiffany shared many ideas from The Power of Now in her book. It reinforces the important of Now, the Awareness of Now.

“Are you stressed? Are you so busy getting to the future that the present is reduced to a means of getting there? Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there”, or being in the present but wanting to be in the future. It’s a split that TEAR YOU APART INSIDE.”

“Does the past take up a great deal of your attention? Do you frequently talk and think about it, either positively or negatively? The great things that you have achieved, your adventures or experiences, or your victim story and the dreadful things that were done to you, or maybe what you did to someone else?”

“The false, unhappy self, based on mind identification, lives on time. It knows that the present moment is its own death and so feels very threatened by it”

“Being Now, all you attention is in the Now. There is none left for daydreaming, thinking, remembering, anticipating. There is no tension in it, no fear, just alert presence. You are present with your whole Being, with every cell of your body.”

“Make it a habit to monitor your mental and emotional state through self-observation.”


In mid-Aug I attended a two-day class organised by Oneness Center Taipei and the instructor was Carol Chen. The objectives were
-to understand the relationship between emotions and the body
-to feel emotions from the body and to accept them
-to practice Ananda Mandala meditation to control and to focus the mind
-to understand the importance and impact of parental relationships
-to learn the core beliefs of Oneness University
-to gain awarenesses of emotions, body and mind

I could not imagine I would join this kind of spiritual growth class! This brand new experience helped me to digest and understand more in-depth the ideas from the two above mentioned books. Book is a visual communication. By attending class and interaction with instructors and classmates, I learn better via five senses: vision, audition, tactician, olfaction and gustation. It is a multi-dimensional learning experience. A better learning experience. Life is a learning process.


I wondered how the dots were connected in Next Level Project Management training the last Sat! I wondered how I could learn better now. I wondered all the discoveries I made in the the last few months.

I am now more aware of how I breath.

“Breathing is an important exercise in many spiritual and personal growth subjects. It is because we breath unconsciously and we breath consciously. Breathing bridges the conscious mind with the unconscious mind.” Emil shared last Sat.

The first step of Awareness of one’s unconscious mind is to bring consciousness to unconsciousness.

What the bleep do I know?

I know I don’t know.


These are the most valuable things I’ve ever learnt and I would like to share them with you all.

CDN and then Domain Sharding

[update 20160310: thank you for visiting my blog. Please note that demo webpages in this post are now working now. I will update them soon. ] says there are 86 resources and 7.6 hosts per web page on global average. However, for a typical website in Hong Kong there is a single dominant domain being used for downloading resources. It maybe because of easy content management – everything is under the same domain and relative paths are used in html codes. Another reason is the lack of understanding CDN and Domain Sharding.

There is a max number of concurrent connections to a single hostname for browser. For example, the numbers are 8 and 6 for IE 10 and Mobile Safari respectively according to Browserscope. This number limit the page load speed even if there is abundant available physical connectivity. Refer to Steve Souder’s Even Faster Web Sites, rule #9 Domain Sharding splits web content resources across multiple domains rather than a single domain. This technique allows more resources to be downloaded in parallel and hence reducing the overall page load time.

Should you use a lot of host on your web pages? Everything has its limit. Mobify did a test in 2012 and found that 2 hosts per mobile web page was the optimal number!

In my 21st demo, I compare web page with a single domain, with domain sharding and/or CDN applied:
A: origin web page delivered from customer origin in Singapore
B: the web page is delivered from CDN
C: the web page with domain sharding is delivered from CDN
D: the web page with domino sharding is delivered from customer origin in Singapore

All A, B, C and D are 150KB in size with 13 resources (including the HTML page). There is a single host in A. For D, resources split across two hosts, and which are both in Singapore. To set up B is simple, is pointing to CDN and CDN caches all resources from For C, resources split across two hosts, and, and is pointing to CDN and CDN caches resources from

Using webpagetest to load the pages from Dulles which is 18,256km from Singapore. The distance is about half of the 40,008km circumference of the Earth!

Test 1: A vs D: page load times of A and D are 1.669s and 1.549s.

Domain sharding improved page load time. Since the distance between web server and browser was huge, large transmission latency resulted in long load time. Transmission latency due to physical distance cannot be reduced by domain sharding.

Test 2: A vs B vs C: load times are 1.664s, 0.540s and 0.400s respectively.

It took just 32% of the load time of A to load B! Since content was delivered from EdgeCast CDN edge in Washington to Dulles, RTT was much smaller and transmission speed was much higher!
C was even faster since 12 objects were simultaneously download while for B only 6 objects were downloaded concurrently.

Test 3: C vs D: load times are 0.384s and 1.535s.
Domain sharing were used in both C and D. For C, distance and RTT between EdgeCast CDN edge and browser were both small, therefore times required for Initial Connection and Time To First Byte were small too!

1.use CDN first to improve website performance. Use CDN is the rule #2 suggested in Steve Souder’s first book High Performance Web Site. order to make Even Faster Web Sites, apply Domain Sharding after CDN!