I wrote down my first Passbook experience on my Day One page one

Yesterday I read the Lifehack article How Writing Things Down Change Your Life.

I started writing my first journal using Day One when passed by Page One at the HK Int’l Airport. In this sunny morning of the last day of this Nov. Write something. Just do it.

I want to change.

Last night was cold and I joined the alumni dinner hosted by our former boss. Twelve people had real fun together. Interactive. informative and intelligent conversations. Delicious food! Great time!! We had have this gathering every autumn for more than a decade! Pretty amazing how this relationship is kept so many years with all the changes in the world. “Some of your best friends are your working colleagues, past, present and the future.” Very nice. It would be even better if I did buy some Bitcoins last month.


This morning I checked in via the ugly Cathay Pacific mobile app and it worked this time to add the boarding pass to Apple Passbook and it was shown at lock screen. I swiped and showed it at custom, airline lounge and boarding gate. I didn’t have to worry others could accidentally access my phone because my phone was locked. What a user friendly paperless authentication process!


There were three CX lounges in the HK Int’l Airport. I found the brand new and fourth one today – The Bridge – located at the end of Central Concourse and near Gate 36. Another beautiful lounge illuminated by natural and warm sun light. There’re many chairs with power sockets which are essential to nowadays travelers to charge their many gadgets. I was lucky being able to spend sometime there during my first visit because the flight was delayed. I encountered many HKG-TPE flight delays this year. In-flight experience was the same and I wondered when we would use handheld devices gate-to-gate in Asia. I was using Day One and listening to Queen. Don’t Stop Me Now. Ok? Governments and airlines, can you hear the people sing?


There’re many couples, young and old, on this flight and they’re going to have their weekend vacations in Taiwan. Warm. It was warm today in Taiwan.

The exchange rate was HKD1 equal to TWD3.664. I found power sockets at the arrival terminal. Yes, the Taoyuan Int’l Airport was renovated and modernized recently.


This is my Day One page one.

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