Happy New Year! Thanksgiving Everyday!

The last few weeks were busy. Finally I have sometime today to write. Great!

A lot of things happened and I encountered some new, unexpected and very valuable experiences. As old sayings say, it is more effective to learn (about life) from experiences rather the books.

That said, I believe I should I read more books. It is early January and it is good to make a plan to guide and motivate myself, and to develop more good, specific and measurable habits. I will put reading more in my new year plan. Below are some items of my year 2014 plan:
1.to become an observer of my thoughts/feelings
2.to focus on now and to give thanks more frequently
3.to mediate twice everyday
4.to write more; to write diary everyday; to write blog post every month
5.to exercise twice a week
6.to learn and think more via audio means; to listen to more podcasts every week
7.to read a book every month

Even though human being is not good at parallel processing, I find some the above action items can be done simultaneously. (2) & (7), to read while sitting with proper posture.

I read frequently from my iPhone and iPad. However, it is challenging to position them such that my head is in a neutral position and eyes looking straight ahead of me. Twelve South HiRes is great but not portable. Luckily I found the PQI i-Cable. It is just 22gram only and is also a charging cable. It saves my arms from the fatigue of holding up my iPhone.


Other than a portable iPhone stand, I am looking for a better battery. My idea portable battery spec: 3000mAh+ capacity, 2Amp output, built-in AC prongs with pass-through charging, Very Small and Handy! Something like the hybrid of TYLT ENERGI 3K+ Travel Charger and TheMu.

Tom Hoobyar’s NLP: The Essential Guide is in my Jan book list. Referring to the NLP framework, I am a Visual person. I want to strengthen my Auditory and Kinesthetic representation systems. To learn more form audio means is a good start and I pick podcast. My favorite podcasts are Horace Dediu’s The Critical Path, Steve Gibson’s Security Now and Rene Ritchie’s Vector. Vector #23 “Matt Dance on Apple marketing” is a great episode, especially if your professional is product management or marketing or sales.

I try and mend the broken pieces
I try to fight back the tears
They say it’s just a state of mind
But it happens to everyone

Music is a good option too. I am now listening to Queen’s It’s a Hard Life.

Life is a hard and worthy journey.

Wish everyone has a Happy and Healthy Year 2014! Thanksgiving Everyday!


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