Casio G-shock Lung Man is my first electronic sports gear

We are now in a digital world. We try to quantify everything. We love to use numbers to represent ourselves and our experiences. Our remembering self is not equal to our experiencing self. People are confused about their feelings.

Anyway it seems that numerical records of our my sport activities motivate us me to do more exercises. I bought in year 2000 my first electronic sports gear: Casio G-shock Lung Man. It is still working today.

-Pulse Sensor (infra red)
-Stopwatch with lap counter
-Stopwatch data record
-5 Alarms with ability to set to go off on particular date.
-Auto EL, 3 level of ambient light sensitivity
-Pulse rate graph

It is a cool gadget. From today’s standard, there are a few limitations:
-the thermometer is not sensitive. It is usable to measure stable environment such as room temperature.
-the pulse sensor only takes readings accurately when I am not moving. Which means I can only measure my heart rate AFTER jogging, not during it.
-the device is an silo. There is neither data storage nor data export/synchronisation. I have to manually record my data. I don’t like doing it.
-the plastic body wears out. Yes, it was built in year 1999. I don’t blame it.


I want my next electronic sports gear.

Additional information:

It is a thermometer, a pules rate monitor and a sphygmomanometer. This is one device – iWatch.

Market says healthcare tech is the next big thing

We know how far and fast we move everyday. We know how hot or cold it is anywhere in the world. We know how high (altitude and atmosphere pressure) where we are. iPhone can get the answers.

“It is an iPod, a phone and an Internet communicator.”

Steve said computer is the bicycle of human mind. Modern personal computing devices connect us to the world. The external world. I think the next thing should help connecting one to one’s internal world.

How do you feel?

I don’t know, sometimes.

If emotion is the body’s reaction to thought, then by being more aware of our body conditions, we are one step closer to our inner selves.

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” Abraham Maslow

When we consult doctors or therapists at healthcare centres, our Vital Signs – body temperatures, pulse rates and blood pressures – will usually be measured to access how our bodies function. They are really vital. Excessive body heat is a potential course of death in long distance running. FIFA warns that irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure are signs of Sudden Cardiac Death. These tragedies should/could be avoided.

Some people measures their own Vital Signs, likely when they’re home. No matter it is home or hospital, I wonder if these measurements represent the true/whole pictures. There will be changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed, according to Werner Heisenberg’s Observer Effect.

Moreover, people are either at rest or in transit. It doesn’t work if we use smartphones to measure our pulse rates when we are doing exercise. It doesn’t make sense if we use something in pocket/case/bag to take readings of our bodies. It is much more useful if the measurements can be taken seamlessly, without our consciousness, both at rest and in transit. We need something with us almost all the times – when we live, work, learn and sleep. What about a lightweight wristband? There are very comprehensive articles about the rumoured iWatch at Know Your Mobile and iMore.

My wish list for Apple iWatch 1st gen spec:
-trim down A7 and TouchID (the best way to unlock iWatch which stores your vital data)
-M7, gyroscope and accelerometer
-customised iOS and apps (like Apple TV)
-new sensors function as thermometer, pulse rate monitor and sphygmomanometer.
-curved OLED touchscreen which is easy to view under sunlight. Show body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure. Distance. Interval timer. Clock time as well:)
-BLE to connect to iPhone, iPad and Mac. Feed data to Healthbook. A8 and LTE-A are waiting for these big data.
-notification motor
-48hr battery life (good for weekend) and wireless (motion is even better) charging.
-10m water resistance

Tim Cook is a hiking and cycling enthusiast. He is a close friend of Steve Jobs who suffered and died by illnesses. He is a Nike board member, he wears Nike+ Fuelband, and Nike is going to dump the Fuelband unit. He knows how computers can improving sports and how sports can improving health.

I think Tim will soon launch the next intersection of technology and liberal art. Apple will revolutionize the sport and healthcare industries.

I watch myself to better develop my body and mind. The job to be done.

Listening to Safari, Flipboard and Bible

The best camera book is the one with you.

Visual is the major learning means of people, with Auditory and Kinesthetic come second and third. I’m a visual person and I read frequently via iPhone and iPad because they are more portable that newspaper, magazines and books. I try to use more audio means to learn in order to strength my learning capability as well as to reduce my eyes’ workload. Listening to podcast is my favorite. Learning information security from Security Now!, computing industry from The Critical Path and mobile stuff from iMore. There are too many podcasts to listen.

Recently I find three great episodes from other podcast series:
#35 of Vector: Native apps vs web apps and what comes next!
#398 of MacBreak Weekly: The Police Pursuit Package
#26 of Debug: Evan Doll on Apple and Flipboard.

In the first podcast Don Melton shared his view that HTML and natives apps were not mutually exclusive with each other. Fascinating discussions about WebKit, Passbook and CarPlay.

In the second one Leo recommended a lengthy blogpost from Don Melton about his encounters with Steve Jobs at Apple and NeXT. Don again. Then I used Speaky to listen to the blogpost. A long, funny and touching article. If you love using Safari then it is a must read for you.

In the last one Rene and Guy interviewed Evan Doll, co-founder of Flipboard. Do you use Flipboard? Do you want to know how the iPhone SDK and API evolved? Or how and why Flipboard is founded? If so then you will find this podcast very entertaining, and inspiring.

What is a Personal Magazine? It is a problem worth falling in love with.

I had to learn Religious Study in my primary and secondary schools which were operated by Christian/Catholic organizations. I passed all Religious Study exams but I hardly remember anything now. I am interested in Bible recently. (It is not because I watched the Noah movie.) There are many books in both Old and New Testaments. Many. It is lucky that I find the great app Pocket Bible. It provides audio content for streaming and download in both Mandarin and English. It really helps.

Wish you all have peaceful Easter Holidays.


It is the end of Mar. Didn’t write blog post in the last 60 days. Didn’t do exercise twice every week. Other than these, the last two months were very productive. Read, listened and learnt a lot.

Read a few books and some of them were very inspiring!
NLP: The Essential Guide
Thinking, Fast and Slow

I am lucky to read them. I understand more about myself: my decision is vulnerable to framing, anchoring and cues; my thinking is not always rational and reliable; I unconsciously substitute difficult questions by simple and unrelated questions; I confuse truth with familiarity; I exaggerate the consistency and coherency of what I see; I seek cause for everything, for the sake of causality, which is indeed just a random occurrence; I make rational judgements and decisions by consulting my emotions; there are conflicts between my remembering self and experiencing self… I also learn and practice a better way to love myself: through awareness, acceptance and surrender.

We all live inside our self-created minds.  As soon as sensory input comes into your brain, it is interpreted. You assign a meaning to it. This is really important because this happens so fast aren’t even aware of it. The interesting thing is that as soon as a meaning is assigned, you have an emotion. You create a feeling about it. – NLP: The Essential Guide

We are far too willing to reject the belief that much of what we see in life is random. The world in our heads is not a precise replica of the reality; our expectations about the frequency of events are distorted by the prevalence and emotional intensity of the message to which we are exposed. – Thinking, Fast and Slow



Enjoyed a lot of podcasts too! Especially some very informative episodes from Security Now!
#442: reflection DDoS attack
#444-446: iOS Security part 1, 2 & 3

The iPhone 5S is a crypto masterpiece: everything stored inside is encrypted, Enclave is a logical independent processor physically inside the A7, communication between the subsystems TouchID, A7 and Enclave is authenticated and encrypted, lightning connection is authenticated (hence there is the MFi program), as well the adhoc peer-to-peer WiFi-based AirDrop! The podcasts are much more interesting than the 33-page iOS Security white paper. Thank you Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte!

Security is a chain of links which is only as strong as its weakest link.

Unknown unknown to known unknown. It is a journey. Thank you for sharing your time with me and hope you find the information shared in this post enjoyable and useful.