It is the end of Mar. Didn’t write blog post in the last 60 days. Didn’t do exercise twice every week. Other than these, the last two months were very productive. Read, listened and learnt a lot.

Read a few books and some of them were very inspiring!
NLP: The Essential Guide
Thinking, Fast and Slow

I am lucky to read them. I understand more about myself: my decision is vulnerable to framing, anchoring and cues; my thinking is not always rational and reliable; I unconsciously substitute difficult questions by simple and unrelated questions; I confuse truth with familiarity; I exaggerate the consistency and coherency of what I see; I seek cause for everything, for the sake of causality, which is indeed just a random occurrence; I make rational judgements and decisions by consulting my emotions; there are conflicts between my remembering self and experiencing self… I also learn and practice a better way to love myself: through awareness, acceptance and surrender.

We all live inside our self-created minds.  As soon as sensory input comes into your brain, it is interpreted. You assign a meaning to it. This is really important because this happens so fast aren’t even aware of it. The interesting thing is that as soon as a meaning is assigned, you have an emotion. You create a feeling about it. – NLP: The Essential Guide

We are far too willing to reject the belief that much of what we see in life is random. The world in our heads is not a precise replica of the reality; our expectations about the frequency of events are distorted by the prevalence and emotional intensity of the message to which we are exposed. – Thinking, Fast and Slow



Enjoyed a lot of podcasts too! Especially some very informative episodes from Security Now!
#442: reflection DDoS attack
#444-446: iOS Security part 1, 2 & 3

The iPhone 5S is a crypto masterpiece: everything stored inside is encrypted, Enclave is a logical independent processor physically inside the A7, communication between the subsystems TouchID, A7 and Enclave is authenticated and encrypted, lightning connection is authenticated (hence there is the MFi program), as well the adhoc peer-to-peer WiFi-based AirDrop! The podcasts are much more interesting than the 33-page iOS Security white paper. Thank you Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte!

Security is a chain of links which is only as strong as its weakest link.

Unknown unknown to known unknown. It is a journey. Thank you for sharing your time with me and hope you find the information shared in this post enjoyable and useful.


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