It is a thermometer, a pules rate monitor and a sphygmomanometer. This is one device – iWatch.

Market says healthcare tech is the next big thing

We know how far and fast we move everyday. We know how hot or cold it is anywhere in the world. We know how high (altitude and atmosphere pressure) where we are. iPhone can get the answers.

“It is an iPod, a phone and an Internet communicator.”

Steve said computer is the bicycle of human mind. Modern personal computing devices connect us to the world. The external world. I think the next thing should help connecting one to one’s internal world.

How do you feel?

I don’t know, sometimes.

If emotion is the body’s reaction to thought, then by being more aware of our body conditions, we are one step closer to our inner selves.

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” Abraham Maslow

When we consult doctors or therapists at healthcare centres, our Vital Signs – body temperatures, pulse rates and blood pressures – will usually be measured to access how our bodies function. They are really vital. Excessive body heat is a potential course of death in long distance running. FIFA warns that irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure are signs of Sudden Cardiac Death. These tragedies should/could be avoided.

Some people measures their own Vital Signs, likely when they’re home. No matter it is home or hospital, I wonder if these measurements represent the true/whole pictures. There will be changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed, according to Werner Heisenberg’s Observer Effect.

Moreover, people are either at rest or in transit. It doesn’t work if we use smartphones to measure our pulse rates when we are doing exercise. It doesn’t make sense if we use something in pocket/case/bag to take readings of our bodies. It is much more useful if the measurements can be taken seamlessly, without our consciousness, both at rest and in transit. We need something with us almost all the times – when we live, work, learn and sleep. What about a lightweight wristband? There are very comprehensive articles about the rumoured iWatch at Know Your Mobile and iMore.

My wish list for Apple iWatch 1st gen spec:
-trim down A7 and TouchID (the best way to unlock iWatch which stores your vital data)
-M7, gyroscope and accelerometer
-customised iOS and apps (like Apple TV)
-new sensors function as thermometer, pulse rate monitor and sphygmomanometer.
-curved OLED touchscreen which is easy to view under sunlight. Show body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure. Distance. Interval timer. Clock time as well:)
-BLE to connect to iPhone, iPad and Mac. Feed data to Healthbook. A8 and LTE-A are waiting for these big data.
-notification motor
-48hr battery life (good for weekend) and wireless (motion is even better) charging.
-10m water resistance

Tim Cook is a hiking and cycling enthusiast. He is a close friend of Steve Jobs who suffered and died by illnesses. He is a Nike board member, he wears Nike+ Fuelband, and Nike is going to dump the Fuelband unit. He knows how computers can improving sports and how sports can improving health.

I think Tim will soon launch the next intersection of technology and liberal art. Apple will revolutionize the sport and healthcare industries.

I watch myself to better develop my body and mind. The job to be done.

One Comment on “It is a thermometer, a pules rate monitor and a sphygmomanometer. This is one device – iWatch.”

  1. Well technology in Healthcare is Welcome but it won’t beat the accuracy and sturdiness of old school devices. Take SPHYGMOMANOMETER as an example, till recently all the digital devices have failed to match the standard of the Manual one. How’s that?

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