EarPods “Pro” + iPod nano = iWatch?

Please look around. What gadgets you find most people are wearing?



Clockwise: Apple EarPods, In-Ear Headphones, Plantronics Discovery 975, BackBeat GO 2

Headphones are the most commonly wanted and used wearable. Time for for re-invention?

What Apple wants? Make the most useful computer ever with most comprehensive input methods. Turn on BlueTooth on iOS devices to drive iBeacon. Siri adoption.

Based on the latest EarPods rumor on Secret, I would like to make my guess on EarPods Pro:
-BLE wireless version of EarPods
-a bunch of sensors
-always on Siri
-build-in Lightning port for data and charging
-$199 retail price

Connecting the dots:
-Apple produces and sells (a lot of) headphones: EarPods and In-Ear Headphones
-Apple is interested to reinvent headphones
-Fitness & Sport and Headphones are major iPhone accessories. Apple knows what people are buying.

Apple Online Store

Apple Online Store

The Dash, a cool Kick-starter project showing the technologies are ready
The Dash - built-in sensors

The Dash – built-in sensors

iBeacon challenges

What about iWatch?

In the MacBreak Weekly podcast episode #400 (starting from 0:56 to 01:11), Alex wants a watch showing multiple country times, Andy wants notifications, Rene wants health sensors and iPod, Merlin wants a game changer. Everyone has unique needs.

I would like to revise/iterate my previous iWatch guess: iWatch = EarPods Pro + iPod nano in a wristband form factor = iPad nano 8th gen. $399 retail price.

Wish everyone has a great Friday! Have fun!

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