Imprinc ILAU30-01 portable battery and wall charger review

Most popular smartphone accessory? I think case comes first and then portable battery comes second.

The Achilles’ Hills of smartphone and portable battery are the same: running out of power! Instead of three boxes – smartphone, portable battery with cable, wall charger with cable – are must haves if I’m on the road and busying working on my iPhone a whole day. To reduce the luggage, I can pick a larger battery but the additional weight indeed increases the load. I prefer a light weight battery and wall charger combo!

It is strange that there’re not many battery and wall charger combos in the market. I guess it is challenging to keep the Lithium battery intergated charging circuitry SSS (small, stable and safe). Below are some light weight and compact form factor products we have today:
(product name: battery size, weight, dimension (mm), battery recharge time, price)
Tylt Energi 2K: 2200mAh, 152g, 54x73x24, ?, $39.99
Fluxmob BOLT: 3000mAh, 88g, 34x70x28, ?, $59.99
myCharge Hub 6000: 6000mAh, 264g, 64x114x28, 3hr, $99
Imprinc ILAU30-01: 3000mAh, 117g, 56x98x20, 5.5hr, ~$38

All of them are compatible with 100-240v 50/60Hz AC input and built-in foldable US Type A prongs. DC output at 5V 1Amp, except larger Hub 6000 which supports 2.1Amp.

All of them support Pass Through Charging. iLounge says “BOLT charges its own internal battery at the same time as the iPhone’s, when plugged into the wall. That’s advantageous because it significantly cuts down on overall charging time.”

iPhone 5s battery size is 1570mAh and iPhone 5 is 1440mAh respectively. So 3000mAh is theoretically good enough to pump up iPhone from completely dry to full twice, and should be good for very heavy usage. Therefore most of the portable batteries are at 3000mAh.

There are many reviews about the first three products above-mentioned. I could not find them in markets near to Hong Kong. Fortunately I find the forth one! There is hardly any product review of it and therefore I would like to write one.

Imprinc ILAU30-01 was release in late 2013. Made in China.
-Light weight. When compared to my 131g Just Mobile Gum, it feels much lighter!
-Compact. Good built quality. All plastic. Three color variations are available: black, white and pink.

iPhone 5s and Imprinc ILAU30-01 side-by-side

iPhone 5s and Imprinc ILAU30-01 side-by-side

-A power button on the front, with a charge status light and three battery level indicator LEDs.
-On one side is a full-sized USB port. 180 degree foldable wall prongs that hide away when not needed is on the other side.

-The foldable prongs are well designed to fit in wall power sockets without blocking other sockets.


-product name is difficult to recall
-limited availability: Japan only (¥3880 at Yodobashi, Akihabara, Tokyo)


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