World Cup 2014 and busy July

Congratulations to Germany!

source: FIFA

It took the highest scoring team Germany 113min to score in the World Cup Final! Argentina did a great defending teamwork!
I was busy in the last 14 days – watching World Cup, some personal travels, and supporting partners for new products. Many new experiences!
Many people use tablets as TVs rather than computing devices. I was one of them in the last few weeks. I watched more than 20 World Cup games on my iPad Air. I was the only one in my home watching World Cup and it caused the least disturbance if I watched the games on my iPad (with  headphones) at 12am or 3am Hong Kong Time. I was out of town some days during the World Cup, I could use my local TV app by connecting back to Hong Kong via VyprVPN. I experienced two things:
-trial account helps customer acquisition for personal VPN services
-OpenVPN is better than IPSec VPN
There was one challenging issue I encountered when watching World Cup games on iPad – goal notifications from other iOS apps before goals were shown in the live videos. I learnt a good use case of iOS Do Not Disturb (DND) feature – I manually turned it on with the Always silence option selected during the live games. No more unwanted notification in live sport video!

During the travels I used my iPhone heavily. Portable battery was critical to keep my device working when I was on the road. Fortunately I found a great gadget – Imprinc ILAU30-01 portable battery and wall charger. It is not a surprise to me that better battery life is the most wanted feature for iPhone 6.

EdgeCast launched the HTTP Rules Engine – Mobile Device Detection early this year. This new feature helps CDN customers to provide different HTTP responds based on the device types making the HTTP requests. Some partners asked me how to use this feature. There were some enquiries about DNS-based load balancing. I put up three new demos in the last ten days to help my partners learning how to use EdgeCast services:
#24 RWD and CDN
#25 RESS and CDN
#26 EdgeCast Route Managed DNS
One of EdgeCast’s market-leading competitive advantages is edge computing capability. Customers can offload their content delivery workload to EdgeCast AND keep their controls over how to provide customized content/experience to their users. Here is an example: if you’re reading this blogpost on a device with screen width larger than 640 pixels, the above iOS DND image is changed from the default portrait iPhone screen capture to landscape iPad version. Cool?
It is a busy and explorative July!

source: Mustafa Azizabadi @azizabadi

“Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand.” Romans 14:4

iOS apps recommended:
Textastic Code Editor for iPad to develop HTML code much faster
GifBoom to make animated GIF and save directly to Photos album
iCurlHTTP to check HTTP respond headers
PDF PROvider+ empowers you to edit and sign PDF with ease
FIFA World Cup!
VyprVPN is a great VPN service with many VPN termination points in Asia

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