I met Milton Erickson and iPhone 6, Part II

I know you are thinking about: what interesting stories about Milton Erickson and iPhone I am going to talk about?

I am going to share with you three great podcast episodes. They are very informative and interesting, and therefore you will enjoy them. How likely? 94% confident level that you will listen to them.

The first one is the Practical NLP episode 38. Andy Smith introduced the Milton Model. He used easy-to-understand examples to demonstrate five Milton Model patterns: Mind Read, Lost Performative, Cause & Effect, Complex Equivalence, and Presupposition. A short (15min) and great podcast!

The second one is The CultCast episode 146. It is very challenging to buy the new iPhones in US. Why? It is believed a lot of iPhones sold in US are indeed resold to scalpers and shipped to China and Russia. China affects Hong Kong economically/socially/politically… It is a surprise to me that Americans and Hongkongers face similar iPhone shortage reason. Well, world is flat. There was Occupy Wall Street in 2011. We have Occupy Central, right now.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing how Angela Ahrendts will improve customer loyalty and shopping experience.

I have been using iOS 8 for a week. Instant Hotspot is my favourite feature. My WiFi-only iPad connects to my iPhone hotspot seamlessly. iPhone and iPad Bluetooth is now turned on most of the time. This helps driving iBeacon adoption.

It is not necessary for every portable device to have cellular connection as long as it connects to WiFi easily. It helps saving battery life. Apple Watch will leverage the new Instant Hotspot feature. By the way, why Apple doesn’t use green energy – kinetic or solar – to power Apple Watch? Episode 38 of Pragmatic discussed in depth about the hardware design consideration of Apple Watch. Wrist is a great place for the new Taptic communication method. Thank John Chidgey for his great research.

MacBook and iPad are not accessories of iPhone, are they? Neither is Apple Watch. Apple Watch just works better with iPhone.

iOS 8 Notification Center is my another favorite feature. Important information can be seen at a glance.


I met Milton Erickson and iPhone 6 on Friday, 19-Sep-2014

I know you’re thinking something. Something that is special about today, 19-Sep-2014. Figuring out the special people/things/events in our daily life is a good activity.

You’re a reader of my blog because you and me have common interests: gadgets and Internet technologies. If you read this blog by chance then I am happy to share with you the things I learnt today – Milton Erickson’s Conversational Hypnosis.

You love Apple products then you appreciate the subtle and beautiful aspects of human civilization. You have affection about new discoveries, knowledge and technologies.

All of us use smartphones to communicate better. Frequent face-to-face or online human interaction is must in modern society. Good communication skill is the tool we need to achieve our goals. With the right tools we can do better. You can.

You can be a influential communciator. Can’t you?
Smartphone is a small form factor computer. It is said that computer is the bicycle of our mind. It is a tool which helps us move forward, faster and further. You’re are now reading my blog post displayed on your computer screen. Do you want to read it now, or save it and read it later?

Do you know what I am trying to do here? You may find this post is just one of the millions of meaningless article on the net. There is neither Milton Erickson nor iPhone 6 content in this post. The core message is not clear.

David Foster Wallace said that people are not aware of the most obvious and important things around them. My iPhone agrees with him.

What news is surrounding us today?

iPhone 6/6+ launch?

But it is not obvious that iOS 8 is the most advanced feature in the new iPhones.

“Hey Siri, play What a wonderful world”.

Thank you.


1.I learnt Milton Model of conversational hypnosis in a NLP class today.  I am trying to use the indirect hypnotic words and phasing in this article, in the following order: Mind Reading, Lost Performative, Cause & Effect, Complex Equivalence, Presuppositions, Universal Quantifier, Modal Operator, Nominalization, Unspecified Verbs, Lack of Referential Index, Comparative Deletion, Pace Current Experience, Double Bind, Conversational Postulate, Extended Quote, Selectional Restriction Violation, Ambiguity, and Utilization.

Practices make perfect. I hope you don’t mind I am practicing NLP now.

2.I did met iPhone 6 and 6 plus today in Apple Store. 6 is big and 6 plus in huge! Both of them feel light in hand.

3.I have been trying iOS 8 the last two days. Hands-free mode Siri is supported if the device is connected to power source. The voice command is “Hey Siri”

Apple Watch – computer communicates with us via kinesthetic means

One more thing…

Saw, heard and felt it again.

Really excited and touched when saw Tim said “One More Thing…” despite the poor video streaming. 

Apple Watch seems to be thicker and heavier than expected. The shape is rectangle rather than a circle. But Rene Ritchie and Jim Dalrymple said it felt thin and light on the wrist. Cool!

I wrote three blogposts before WWDC2014 about the “iWatch”. This is the fourth one.

Apple says Apple Watch is a Precise Timepiece, a Communicator of new and intimate methods, and a Health and Fitness Device. 

Timepiece is too obvious for us to imagine? David Foster Wallace said people were not aware of a lot of most obvious and important things around us.   

Health and Fitness are the most wanted features. We can do a lot with iDevices to connect to the external world. The next step is to better connect to ourselves – our bodies and our minds.

With gyroscope and accelerometer, Apple Watch knows what the user is doing, when (within 50ms precision) and for how long. Where? iPhone or iPad will tell. A bit challenging for long distance runners:)

The infrared sensor can measure pulse rate, one of the three most important Vital Signs. What about body temperature and blood pressure? Apple Watch ceramic case back with sapphire cover is emphasized and I believe there are more untold things it can do. Why two LEDs?


Infrared thermometer is a low hanging fruit. It is possible that Apple is developing some Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) based blood pressure monitoring solutions. You, as well as those you care about, will be informed about your objective body conditions.

With technologies such as Retina Display and Siri, we communicate with computers via Visual (V) and Audio (A) means. With Force Touch, we can instruct Apple Watch by tapping or pressing its screen. With Taptic Engine, it will notify me by tapping my wrist. I will feel I am tapped. A brand new Kinesthetic (K) means of communication.


I wonder if there are many NLP practitioners in the Apple Watch team. They really know how mankind communicates. Cool!

Whether it is a flashing red sign, a high tone beep or rapid tapping, Apple Watch can notify you that the one you care about is in need/danger and hence you can help the one on time. It is the most meaningful and intimate communication.

Can you see/hear/feel it?

(1) My three previous blogposts about “iWatch”:
It is a thermometer, a pulse rate monitor and a sphygmomanometer. This is one device – iWatch.
Casio G-shock Lung Man is my first electronic sports gear
EarPods “Pro” + iPod nano = iWatch?

(2) The band attachment mechanism is elegant and works for all three Apple Watch models. People will buy (or invest in) bands for personalization. The ecosystem is expanded to the fashion and jewelry industries. Huge MFi business!

(3) Hopefully the inductive charging system can work in short distance (a few meters) and I don’t have to take off Apple Watch to charge it.

Which CDNs they are using?

Which CDNs are your favourite websites using?

Based on HTTP Archive, on an average webpage we have today:
-1855KB of content size
-97 HTTP requests/objects
-17 domains

As webpage size and number of objects increase, we have longer waterfall diagrams. By studying the waterfall diagram, we can know what are the domains and where are there servers, and then we can figure out which CDNs the website is using (or no CDN).

CDN Planet – CDN Finder is a great tool which makes life easier. Just input the URL then it will check/guess which CDN a webpage is using.

Take http://www.gov.hk as an example, CDN Finder says: “We believe the site http://www.gov.hk is using EdgeCast as a CDN.”

Use this tool to check the Alexa top 25 websites in Hong Kong, Taiwan and US. Then we have the marketshare from six CDN providers of the Alexa top 25 websites in these three markets:

Akamai 50% 36% 36%
EdgeCast 6% 18% 18%
Limelight 6% 0% 5%
Level3 0% 0% 5%
Cloudfront 6% 0% 9%
Cloudflare 6% 18% 5%
others 25% 27% 23%

However, this table is just a rough estimation only.



Since more and more websites adopt multi-CDN strategy to improve performance, sometime we should review the results in details to figure out which CDNs are being used.

Take http://www.pixnet.net as an example. It is the most popular social networking site in Taiwan. Alexa ranking #4 in Taiwan and #11 in Hong Kong respectively. CDN Finder says: “We believe the site http://www.pixnet.net is using Akamai as a CDN.”

Let’s dig into the details and verify the statement.

The following table is generate based on the results from CDN Finder and Webpagetest:

Count Hostname CDN Bytes
36 mainpage.pixfs.net Akamai 101662
27 imageproxy.pimg.tw Akamai 586353
13 s4.pimg.tw EdgeCast 265490
11 s5.pimg.tw EdgeCast 513516
10 s8.pimg.tw EdgeCast 272489
10 s2.pimg.tw EdgeCast 426017
9 counter.pixplug.in 2340
9 s7.pimg.tw EdgeCast 93922
8 s9.pimg.tw EdgeCast 308673
7 s6.pimg.tw EdgeCast 175496
7 af.pixnet.net 105341
7 s1.pimg.tw EdgeCast 123025
6 stats.g.doubleclick.net Google 19384
6 s.pixfs.net Akamai 13205
4 s.pimg.tw EdgeCast 170437
4 libs.pixfs.net Akamai 18792
3 pic.pimg.tw EdgeCast 236873
2 api.pixnet.cc 1885
2 s3.pimg.tw EdgeCast 104232
2 visitor.pixplug.in 865
1 s.pixanalytics.com Akamai 785
1 ajax.googleapis.com Google 33907
1 d31qbv1cthcecs.cloudfront.net Amazon Cloudfront 1879
1 http://www.pixnet.com 134914
1 i18n.pixfs.net Akamai 3170
1 cdn.mxpnl.com Akamai 10039
1 api.mixpanel.com 411
1 ad.pixnet.net 4691
1 pixanalytics.com 851
1 d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net Amazon Cloudfront 528

The webpage size is 3644KB, with 193 HTTP objects from 29 domains. The table is summarised into this:

Count CDN Bytes Bytes % of Total
76 Akamai 734,006 20%
84 EdgeCast 2,690,170 72%
7 Google 53,291 1%
2 Cloudfront 2,407 0%
24 251,298 7%

The second table says: “We FIND the site http://www.pixnet.net is using both Akamai and EdgeCast as CDNs, with EdgeCast carries most of its traffic.


How to use tools is more important than what are the tools.