Apple Watch – computer communicates with us via kinesthetic means

One more thing…

Saw, heard and felt it again.

Really excited and touched when saw Tim said “One More Thing…” despite the poor video streaming. 

Apple Watch seems to be thicker and heavier than expected. The shape is rectangle rather than a circle. But Rene Ritchie and Jim Dalrymple said it felt thin and light on the wrist. Cool!

I wrote three blogposts before WWDC2014 about the “iWatch”. This is the fourth one.

Apple says Apple Watch is a Precise Timepiece, a Communicator of new and intimate methods, and a Health and Fitness Device. 

Timepiece is too obvious for us to imagine? David Foster Wallace said people were not aware of a lot of most obvious and important things around us.   

Health and Fitness are the most wanted features. We can do a lot with iDevices to connect to the external world. The next step is to better connect to ourselves – our bodies and our minds.

With gyroscope and accelerometer, Apple Watch knows what the user is doing, when (within 50ms precision) and for how long. Where? iPhone or iPad will tell. A bit challenging for long distance runners:)

The infrared sensor can measure pulse rate, one of the three most important Vital Signs. What about body temperature and blood pressure? Apple Watch ceramic case back with sapphire cover is emphasized and I believe there are more untold things it can do. Why two LEDs?


Infrared thermometer is a low hanging fruit. It is possible that Apple is developing some Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) based blood pressure monitoring solutions. You, as well as those you care about, will be informed about your objective body conditions.

With technologies such as Retina Display and Siri, we communicate with computers via Visual (V) and Audio (A) means. With Force Touch, we can instruct Apple Watch by tapping or pressing its screen. With Taptic Engine, it will notify me by tapping my wrist. I will feel I am tapped. A brand new Kinesthetic (K) means of communication.


I wonder if there are many NLP practitioners in the Apple Watch team. They really know how mankind communicates. Cool!

Whether it is a flashing red sign, a high tone beep or rapid tapping, Apple Watch can notify you that the one you care about is in need/danger and hence you can help the one on time. It is the most meaningful and intimate communication.

Can you see/hear/feel it?

(1) My three previous blogposts about “iWatch”:
It is a thermometer, a pulse rate monitor and a sphygmomanometer. This is one device – iWatch.
Casio G-shock Lung Man is my first electronic sports gear
EarPods “Pro” + iPod nano = iWatch?

(2) The band attachment mechanism is elegant and works for all three Apple Watch models. People will buy (or invest in) bands for personalization. The ecosystem is expanded to the fashion and jewelry industries. Huge MFi business!

(3) Hopefully the inductive charging system can work in short distance (a few meters) and I don’t have to take off Apple Watch to charge it.

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