I met Milton Erickson and iPhone 6 on Friday, 19-Sep-2014

I know you’re thinking something. Something that is special about today, 19-Sep-2014. Figuring out the special people/things/events in our daily life is a good activity.

You’re a reader of my blog because you and me have common interests: gadgets and Internet technologies. If you read this blog by chance then I am happy to share with you the things I learnt today – Milton Erickson’s Conversational Hypnosis.

You love Apple products then you appreciate the subtle and beautiful aspects of human civilization. You have affection about new discoveries, knowledge and technologies.

All of us use smartphones to communicate better. Frequent face-to-face or online human interaction is must in modern society. Good communication skill is the tool we need to achieve our goals. With the right tools we can do better. You can.

You can be a influential communciator. Can’t you?
Smartphone is a small form factor computer. It is said that computer is the bicycle of our mind. It is a tool which helps us move forward, faster and further. You’re are now reading my blog post displayed on your computer screen. Do you want to read it now, or save it and read it later?

Do you know what I am trying to do here? You may find this post is just one of the millions of meaningless article on the net. There is neither Milton Erickson nor iPhone 6 content in this post. The core message is not clear.

David Foster Wallace said that people are not aware of the most obvious and important things around them. My iPhone agrees with him.

What news is surrounding us today?

iPhone 6/6+ launch?

But it is not obvious that iOS 8 is the most advanced feature in the new iPhones.

“Hey Siri, play What a wonderful world”.

Thank you.


1.I learnt Milton Model of conversational hypnosis in a NLP class today.  I am trying to use the indirect hypnotic words and phasing in this article, in the following order: Mind Reading, Lost Performative, Cause & Effect, Complex Equivalence, Presuppositions, Universal Quantifier, Modal Operator, Nominalization, Unspecified Verbs, Lack of Referential Index, Comparative Deletion, Pace Current Experience, Double Bind, Conversational Postulate, Extended Quote, Selectional Restriction Violation, Ambiguity, and Utilization.

Practices make perfect. I hope you don’t mind I am practicing NLP now.

2.I did met iPhone 6 and 6 plus today in Apple Store. 6 is big and 6 plus in huge! Both of them feel light in hand.

3.I have been trying iOS 8 the last two days. Hands-free mode Siri is supported if the device is connected to power source. The voice command is “Hey Siri”

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