I met Milton Erickson and iPhone 6, Part II

I know you are thinking about: what interesting stories about Milton Erickson and iPhone I am going to talk about?

I am going to share with you three great podcast episodes. They are very informative and interesting, and therefore you will enjoy them. How likely? 94% confident level that you will listen to them.

The first one is the Practical NLP episode 38. Andy Smith introduced the Milton Model. He used easy-to-understand examples to demonstrate five Milton Model patterns: Mind Read, Lost Performative, Cause & Effect, Complex Equivalence, and Presupposition. A short (15min) and great podcast!

The second one is The CultCast episode 146. It is very challenging to buy the new iPhones in US. Why? It is believed a lot of iPhones sold in US are indeed resold to scalpers and shipped to China and Russia. China affects Hong Kong economically/socially/politically… It is a surprise to me that Americans and Hongkongers face similar iPhone shortage reason. Well, world is flat. There was Occupy Wall Street in 2011. We have Occupy Central, right now.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing how Angela Ahrendts will improve customer loyalty and shopping experience.

I have been using iOS 8 for a week. Instant Hotspot is my favourite feature. My WiFi-only iPad connects to my iPhone hotspot seamlessly. iPhone and iPad Bluetooth is now turned on most of the time. This helps driving iBeacon adoption.

It is not necessary for every portable device to have cellular connection as long as it connects to WiFi easily. It helps saving battery life. Apple Watch will leverage the new Instant Hotspot feature. By the way, why Apple doesn’t use green energy – kinetic or solar – to power Apple Watch? Episode 38 of Pragmatic discussed in depth about the hardware design consideration of Apple Watch. Wrist is a great place for the new Taptic communication method. Thank John Chidgey for his great research.

MacBook and iPad are not accessories of iPhone, are they? Neither is Apple Watch. Apple Watch just works better with iPhone.

iOS 8 Notification Center is my another favorite feature. Important information can be seen at a glance.


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