iOS 8 Notification Center and Yosemite AirDrop

The latest OSes are really cool! I can use different devices more productively. Thank UncleSchnitty for his great work – OS X Continuity Activation Tool! My mid-2011 MacBook Air can now AirDrop and Instant Hotspot with iDevices!

With the new AirDrop, files can be transmitted quickly, directly and wirelessly between iDevices and Mac. I find myself use iPhone to capture more videos, then send them to Mac for editing and uploading to Vimeo. I make more video! Convenience drives usage!

Here is a video of my last Sunday hockey game.

I read a lot of PDF-based user-guides, white papers and magazines. I used to copy PDF on my laptop to Dropbox, wait till the file is completely uploaded, then read the file on iDevices. Three steps. A lot of duplicated files in Dropbox. Now I Air Drop a PDF to iPad, open it with PDF PROvider. Two steps only because it is fast. Once I read the document I will remove if from iPad. Less file management.

I use Eddy to stream non-frequently listen audio files stored on Dropbox to iPhone. Similar workflow as PDF. Now I can Air Drop a mp3 file to iPhone and use OPlayer Lite to listen to it. Quick! Wireless! Convenient!

AirDrop and Instant Hotspot keep iPhone’s Bluetooth always on. Bluetooh drives iBeacon adoption!

Beside Speak Screen, Screen Recording, Air Drop and Instant Hotspot, iOS Notification Center (NC) is my most favorite new feature.

I can have a glance of key information with JUST a swipe down. On top of weather and calendar, stock prices, below are what on my NC now:
-current times of Los Angeles and London, by Vidgets
-news headlines, by Yahoo News Digest, The New York Times
-sport results, by ESPN SportsCenter
-Word of the Day, by
-number of steps I walk today, by M7 Pedometer

Vidgets is a small (13.3MB), free and great iOS app! It shows customizable info about times, network, memory/storage usage, GPS and weather. All in one swipe down! Quick! Convenient!

Recently I walk more. I walk more if I find the number of steps I walk is small. Awareness drives behavior change!

All these software widgets make the world more beautiful! Let’s talk hardware gadgets next time. Wish you have a great day!


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