Happy New Year and iPhone 6 plus home-screen apps

At the start of the new year I would like to share with you how I use my iPhone recently.
I have been using iPhone 6 plus for more than two months. It is larger and heavier than iPhone 5S. It takes better photos:
Shek O Beach, taken from Dragon’s Back Viewing Point

Shek O Beach, taken from Dragon’s Back Viewing Point

Hou Tong, New Taipei City

Hou Tong, New Taipei City

Other than camera, VyprVPN, CloudClip and Scribe are my most frequently used apps too.
VyprVPN: nowadays most mobile operators in HK implement data transfer usage limits. When a subscriber usage meets the limit (say 6GB per month), either he/she pays more for additional data transfer (US$16 for 1GB) or no data connection! I find myself using more public WiFi to save mobile data usage. Using VPN is a best practice whenever one uses public WiFi service. Last summer I found VyprVPN was the best VPN service. I know what you’re thinking after the Sony Hack: security is everyone’s business. And you agree.
CloudClip: AirDrop facilitates file sharing about devices running iOS 8 or Yosemite. What about clipboard sharing? CloudClip uses iCloud as the centralized data repository to synchronize clipboard data among iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Scribe: if you work on Mac frequently and need to pass text (e.g. URL, phone number, email address,etc.) to iPhone, Scribe is a great tool for you! It doesn’t keep data in any centralized machine. It uses Bluetooth to transfer data and no Internet connectivity is required. It is fast and safe!
MacBooks offer the best keyboards. It is much better to type on MacBook keyboard rather than iPhone screen, no matter for long articles or a lot of short messages. 1Keyboard is a Mac app and it turns your MacBook keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard of your iDevices. Chinese typing is supported.
Notification Center is my most frequently used iOS 8 feature. It is even better on iPhone 6 plus: more information can be shown on the larger screen. I add more widgets:
Sticky Notes HD: post-it on your lock screen. Synchronized across iDevices.
Argus: motivates you to walk more to reach your daily target!
Data Widget: shows (and better use) your cellular data usage.
Wish you a Happy and Healthy Year 2015!

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