Siri: You’re Alice

Congratulations to Julianne Moore!

Alice in the movie Still Alice used some gadgets. She typed on her iPhone the answers to some basic and important questions about herself to remind she was still herself. She made a video, using her MacBook, instructing her what to do when she found herself forgetting some most important questions. She communicated with her daughter via Skype.

These tools were useful. But the bracelet with “memory Imparted” printed on it was the most useful one, or the most impressive one.

It helped to inform other people that she was suffered from Alzheimer.

It was with her all the time.

Someday we will see:
-Apple Watch will help people, including those suffered from Alzheimer, to notify his/her family that she is in need and/or in danger!
-Apple Watch and iBeacons will help people finding things and places
-Apple Watch will help family members locating each others

We will see these by Apple Watch and iPhone in coming April. Apple Watch can do by itself someday with built-in cellular and GPS. iPhone is great. We need something wearable.

Every scene is a lesson.

Wish you a Happy and Healthy Year of the Goat! 新年快樂!身體健康!恭喜發財!

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