Apple Watch review: it is much better to tap on the wrist than the upper arm

Yesterday was 24-Apr-2015, the Apple Watch was officially on sales and shipped to customers. There are many blogposts about the gadget, some great ones such as the Apple Watch Sport Unboxing by 9To5Mac and 28 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks by iMore respectively.

Today is 25-Apr-2015, my pre-ordered Apple Watch 38mm Space Grey Aluminium Black Sport is delivered to me at 10:01am! Much earlier than I expect. The ETA shown on Apple Store is 24-Apr to 8-May. Under-promise, over-achieve. Thanks Apple!

As a (causal) blogger, here is my blogpost about Apple Watch too. I don’t reinvent the wheel to talk about unboxing and how to set up, etc. I will write my first running exercise wearing Apple Watch. My main use case of Apple Watch is fitness device.

Apple Watch measuring Heart Rate

It was 5:30pm, I put Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 on my ears, iPhone 6 plus in the armband on my right upper arm and Apple Watch Sport on my wrist. My aim was to test the smartwatch and I decided to go for a light exercise. I ran 4 km and 29min.

First thing first: it is much more easy and pleasant to control a gadget by tapping on wrist than the upper arm!

It is dangerous looking at the upper-arm when running. I won’t do it anymore.

I started a run session in RunKeeper on my Apple Watch. I did the same in Workout. I was listening to podcast while running. I used the Music app “Now Playing” to pause and resume the podcast a few times. RunKeeper/Workout on Apple Watch showed how long and how far I ran. I swiped up the watch face and glanced Heart Rate about each 100m to check my beat rate. I wanted my heart rate to reach 180 for a few minutes. It was very easy and motivating (to run faster). I stopped when I ran 4km. I found a place to do a 5-minute stretching. I set up a 5-minute timer on Apple Watch with just a few clicks. I received a Line message and I replied it using a emoji. I did all these by interacting with the Apple Watch only. I didn’t touch my iPhone!

Apple Watch screen captures

I checked the RunKeeper and Activity app on iPhone after dinner. Activity showed my average heart rate during the workout period. Health app recorded my heart rate since 11am. It showed heart rate range in each hour. Very cool!

RunKeeper vs Activity

My Apple Watch day one was very interesting. It did what I wanted it to (measure heart rate during exercise). It can do much more! It is fun to use and to learn how to use Apple Watch:D

1.I am pleased to find the Apple Watch Sport comes with the new Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (Folding Pins)! It is much more portable than the old one! A small adaptor and a big nice surprise to customers! Every little thing counts!

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (Folding Pins)

2.I made phone calls using the Apple Watch. It is amazing!

3.I listened to Techpinions podcast – Q1 2015 Tech Earnings, TV Services, Mobile Web. It talked about Cloud Computing, OTT, CDN and mobile web optimisation. A great podcast!

4.We can do screen capture on Apple Watch by quickly pressing the Digital Crown and Side button at the same. The picture is stored on iPhone.

10-Apr-2015 the Apple Watch preorder day

“Mr. Customer, our XXX is the best product in the market and is build on top of newest technologies. We have limited supply at the beginning! I know you really find it meeting your needs. You’re better to buy it right now when stock is still available, right?”**

Last Thursday night I joined thirty people in a Enneagram sharing event. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each Enneagram type in performing a sales role. We revisited some sales 101 fundamentals at the beginning. Scarcity/limited supply is a good reason/motivation to convince customer to take the buying action immediately. I was thinking about how to apply scarcity in selling cloud computing services… it seemed to me that the scarcity factor didn’t work. Cloud is about scalability and elasticity, which imply abundance in availability.

We cannot replace XXX by CDN in the above ** sentence. What a pity!

We can replace XXX by Apple Watch. It just works! It makes perfect sense!!


I visited the Apple Store IFC yesterday. I spent a few minutes with two Apple Watches and found that the 42mm was not looked huge on my small wrist! They were light too! As Cult of Mac says, the best way to experience Apple Watch as physical object is to experience it in person. I was lucky there were Apple Stores in Hong Kong. Thank Apple Store staff were very helpful. Thank you!

It was a little bit unlucky that I was too late to preorder a 42mm space gray Apple Watch Sport. In less than 90 minutes from the launch time the Apple Watch was sold out! My preorder will be delivered in June. What a pity!

By the way, is it the first time that one Apple ID can preorder ONLY one device?

“Glances — scannable summaries of the information you seek out most frequently.” Apple says.


I find Glances similar to Today notification on iPhone. Taking about Today notification, I recently find a great widget from the app BuzzFeed. One can quickly glance the most popular news with the widget. Cool! What is BuzzFeed? I suggest you to listen to the Exponent podcast episode 040 – BuzzFeed and Amazon.

It is amazing that so many apps supporting Apple Watch now even before the device is officially on sales on 24-Apr-2015. I wonder how how RunKeeper and Argus will work with Apple Watch. It creates curiosities. What a great example of creating customer needs!

The reviews from Scott Stein of cnet and Joanna Stern of WSJ covers relative in-depth content about Apple Watch as fitness device. Fitness device, one of the three tentpoles, is my main use case.

Notes & recommended apps:
1.BrightTALK is a good app for CISSP to access to training materials and earn CPEs. It supports both iPhone and iPad.
2.My latest How to use EdgeCast demo is about EdgeCast Route Advanced Policy Routing.
3.Qrafter is a useful app to read and create QR code. Below is the one I created for the URL of my latest demo abovementioned.