Three weeks with Apple Watch: Overcast and Instapaper. Facebook Instant Articles.

It was Friday and I decided to do some exercises. I walked from office to On Lee Noodle. The distance was 3.2km, and I was using Overcast to listen to the Amplified podcast #139 while I was walking. Dan was worry about Facebook Instant Articles.


After dinner I walked home and listened to the ATP podcast #117. Two hours later I went for a 4km run. I made more than 17k steps today! Pretty cool!


I completed the ATP podcast. Facebook Instant Articles help publishers to deliver content faster and hence provide a better user experience/engagement. Every mini-second counts! An interesting discussion among Marco, Casey and John. They mentioned a recent blogpost from Ben Thompson.


After taking shower at home, I used Feedly to surf I found Ben’s latest article: the Verizon-AOL, Facebook Instant Articles, and the Future of Digital Advertising. I saved it to Instapaper and then use Instapaper to read it to me. User identification/profiling, content curation and targeted advertising. User engagement time is finite and valuable. Another great piece from Ben!


I haven’t used Instapaper for sometime. Pocket was my default read-it-later tool. Pocket integrates better with other apps and it supports embedded images and videos. However I recently find Instapaper supports Apple Watch: user can control the article read out on Apple Watch. The Apple Watch app design is very useful! I did save a lot of articles for read-it-later when I didn’t have enough time to read through them. The challenge is I don’t have time to read it later! Time is finite, reading is completing with other activities for my time. I am trying to read and to do exercise at the same time. Doing both is much more manageable now with Apple Watch. I can do the same on iPhone, but do it on Apple Watch save me from taking off/on my iPhone armband when I am running. It saves seconds!

Every mini-second counts!

And now my default read-it-later tool is Instapaper.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Dalai Lama

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