Anker PowerPort 4 Review

You’re looking for a more powerful portable USB wall charger for your coming travel, aren’t you?

My use case for a portable USB wall charger with four USB ports is to charge at once my smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headphone and Apple Watch. It helps me to have my most-frequently-used gadgets working all the time, especially when I am travelling and I don’t want to have multiple chargers in my luggage.

Anker PowerPort 4 |

Anker is the one the most popular USB wall charger manufacturers on Amazon. I bought an Anker PowerPort 4 early this month and have been using it since then. I am glad to use it. It is my pleasure to share my review with you.


  1. It is powerful! It can output up to 8A and 40W! Each port can output up to 2.4A. iPhone 6(s) (plus) can draw up to 2.1A while iPad Air 1/2 draws 2.4A. So even if you plug in two iPhone 6 and one iPad Air, the charger is able to output another 7W, large enough for Apple Watch or typical Bluetooth headset. It meets my use case.
  2. It is small and light weight. The plug is foldable.
  3. It is Smart and charges faster. By Anker’s PowerIQ technology, Anker PowerPort 4 can communicate with the device being charged and provide it with the highest current it can take. For example, if an iPhone 6 is plugged in any one of the four USB ports, the port will charge it at 2.1A which is the maximum current iPhone 6 can take. If it is an iPad Air, it will charge it at 2.4A. Charging at maximum current reduces charging time and minimises the expense of unnecessary power. Doing so will make the best use of the maximum 40W power throughput the device can support. Because it charges fast, it can charges more devices (e.g. portable battery) in the same time span when compared to other wall chargers.
  4. It is Smart and user-friendly. Some wall chargers (e.g. Arctic Charger Pro 4) require user to plug power hungry device into the right “fast charge” port. Otherwise if you plug a power hungry device into a standard port, it will be charged at 500mA only and hence takes more time. Anker PowerPort 4 does not require this.
  5. It is Smart and works with devices which require non-standard USB chargers. A device being charged can detect what type of charger is being used through specific voltages on the USB data pins. Because of this, some devices only work with their own special chargers. An example is Nokia E6 which does not support charging by “dump” charger via its micro USB port. Anker PowerPort 4 is smart and can manage the voltages at the two data pins in each of the four USB ports.
  6. It provides visibility of charging status. When the PowerPort 4 is “slowly charging” or in standby mode (at an output current of less than 500mA), the LED will illuminate in blue. When the PowerPort 4 is “fast charging”(at an output current of higher than 500mA), the LED will illuminate in green. When you see the blue light, it implies your iPhone or iPad is fully charged. You can then charge something else.
  7. It is safe. Built-in surge protection.
  8. It can be used in many countries. It is Type A plug which is used in China, Taiwan, Japan and US, etc.
  9. It is joyful to use. It is beautiful. Its USB ports align. It shows commitment.


  • It is not available in the retail 3C shops in Hong Kong.
  • It does not support Type G plug used in Hong Kong.




(The following video is for testing purpose.)

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