Hello 2016!

Hello 2016.

It is a busy January. I did some long distance travels.

I traveled to US early this month. Didn’t fly Delta for sometime. It was a surprise to me there was in-flight WiFi Internet access service. It costed me US$29.95 (before VAT) for WiFI service during the flight. It was operated by Gogo. There were some restrictions using the service, such as no VoIP and no video streaming. Plane is connected to Internet via satellites. The physical distance that electronic signal travels is long and hence the latency is long too. It is VERY LONG. And because of the long latency and limited bandwidth, it takes a lot of time to download files. It is VERY SLOW. It is fine for text-based instant messaging thought. With all the slowness and restrictions, it was still very amazing that I could search and text with friends via the Internet when I was 10000 feet (~= 3048m) above the earth!

The in-flight entertainment was good. Watched the 150-min movie Everest. Because of the fast-changing extreme weather, it is possible to reach the Earth’s highest place only on a few days a year. And hence the mountain is full of climbers on those few days! Amazing there is traffic congestion at 8848m!

Also watched a 15-min TED talk “Psychology myths”. Ben Ambridge talks through 10 popular ideas about psychology that have been proven wrong. Is it true that a normal person uses only 10% of its brain power?



Used Uber many times this trip. Convenient, Fast and Cheap! It really made a difference!  By the way, there is a good Exponent podcast (episode #063) about how Uber’s transportation-as-a-service is going to change the world!

channel team

It is great to see and communication with colleagues in person. Internet tools are great. But a handshake or a hug is even better! Happy New Year!

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