How to use Hola!CDN for MP4 progressive download

Hola is a Spanish word meaning Hello.

Hola! is a startup headquartered in Netanya, Israel. Hola!’s goal is to make the web faster, more open and cheaper to operate.

Hola!CDN is the first CDN purpose built for video. It is developed and operated by Hola!. Hola!CDN makes Internet video delivery Faster, Cheaper and More Reliable.

It is my pleasure to share with readers that I am now working at Hola!CDN!

In my last blogpost I talked my first Israel visit. The main objective of the trip was to attend Hola!CDN training.

The unique Hola!CDN architecture makes it possible to do Five things that other CDNs cannot do:

  1. Significantly speeds up your video delivery (start time, buffering, seek time, bit rate, failure rate)
  2. Provides accurate statistics on your viewers’ quality of experience
  3. Enables mid stream switching of multiple CDNs (configure Hola!CDN’s dashboard to work with several CDNs, taking each video chunk from the fastest and cheapest)
  4. Reduces video delivery cost substantially, with same low cost from first byte, to anywhere in the world
  5. Keeps your existing CDN – Hola will only participate where its faster and cheaper

The new architecture is comprised of a client side JavaScript code that manages the video delivery from the viewers’ browser. The integration of the Hola!CDN client side module with the Hola!CDN server module creates a fast, seamless user experience, and a low cost of delivery.

Detail Hola!CDN implementation guide can found at GitHub:

In this blogpost I would like to SHOW how to implement Hola!CDN in a webpage with MP4 progressive download.

Step 1: apply a Hola!CDN account account. We offer 14-day free trial account at

Step 2: configure Hola!CDN service. The minimum step is to add your Video Source(s). Video Source is the hostname of the CDN or customer origin that your video is cached/stored.

Hola!CDN customer portal

Hola!CDN customer portal

Step 3:  insert the codes in the header section to instruct the browser to downland the Hola!CDN JavaScript client with your specific configuration, and insert another codes at the end of the body section to instruct the browser to download the Hola!CDN JavaScript client asynchronously

HTML codes to implement Hola!CDN

HTML codes to implement Hola!CDN

Three steps. That’s all. No DNS change is required!


Below is the screen shot of Chrome DevTools of the original page:

Chrom DevTools of original page

Chrome DevTools of original page

This is the screen shot of Chrome DevTools of the page implemented Hola!CDN:

Chrome DevTools of the page implemented Hola!CDN

Chrome DevTools of the page implemented Hola!CDN

There are 6 HTTP requests in the original page and 65 in the page implemented Hola!CDN. Why?

Let’s talk more next time.

Shalom Israel! HKG-TLV-HKG

Shalom is a Herbrew word meaing peace, armony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye.

I visited Israel recently. My first time in Canaan, the Promised Land.

The distance between Hong Kong and Israel is 7764km, almost one-third of the Equator length. It is lucky that there is direct flight between Hong Kong (HKG) and Tel Aviv Yafo (TLV), Israel. EL AL Israel Airline operates the direct flights from Sunday to Thursday. I guess due to Sabbath (Friday 6pm to Saturday 6pm) there is no flight on Fri and Sat. HKG-to-TLV is about 12hr 30min, TLV-to-HKG is 11hr! Long flights!

Passengers should arrive the boarding gate at Hong Kong International Airport one hour before the departure time. EL AL will do security check of hand carry baggage again at the boarding gate and the process is about 20 to 30 minutes. One should arrive Ben Gurion International Airport two hours before departure time. There is security check of hand carry baggage at the custom and it will also take 20 to 30 minutes. Keep hand carry baggage minimal!

Israel area is about 20,770 square kilometers (21 times that of HK) and the population is 8.4m (while HK is 7.4m). 75% are Jewish and 20% are Arab. The electricity plug in Israel is Type C (CEE 7/16 “Europlug”). It is better to bring a plug adaptor if you travel to Netanya. It is not easy to get an adaptor in hotel or buy one in shopping area.

Hola! is a startup based in Netanya. Mission: to make the Internet more Open, more Transparent, and Faster!

Hola! is a startup based in Netanya. Mission: to make the Internet more Open, more Transparent, and Faster!

I spend most of the time in Netanya. There are many technology companies. Cisco and Microsoft have huge campus there. There are many ambitious and energetic startups as well.

Beach at Netanya

Beach at Netanya

Netanya is a beautiful city. There are great beaches and many surfers! Mostly sunny day. Bright blue sky, white sand, navy blue Mediterranean Sea. Apartments are built with large balconies. Enjoy the sunshine and the breeze!

Apartments with large balconies at Netanya

Apartments with large balconies at Netanya

I was lucky to have a Tel Aviv leisure trip by end of the trip. Tel Aviv Is the major commercial centre in IsraeI and a popular travel destination. It took me about 30min by taxi from Netanya to Tel Aviv.  I visited the Sarona Market area in the morning. There are many old German-style buildings. They are turned into shops, boutiques and designer stores. (Sound familiar? Xintiandi in Shanghai!) I bought some very nice Hamsa there!

The old German style building in the Sarona Market area are turned in different kind of shops.

The old German style buildings in the Sarona Market area are turned in different kind of shops.

I had Hummus as lunch. Falafel and Turkish coffee too.

Hummus. Delicious.

Hummus. Delicious.

I visited Jaffa area in the afternoon. Jaffa, with many thousand years of history, is one of the oldest port in the world!  The area was called Joppa in the past. Jaffa is famous for its association with the biblical stories of Jonah and Saint Peter.

Saint Peter's Church, located Jaffa area of Tel Aviv. Built in 1645.

Saint Peter’s Church, located Jaffa area of Tel Aviv. Built in 1645.

I wondered how difficult and dangerous it was for Saint Peter and other disciples to spread Jesus’ teaching under the Jewish and Roman persecutions. I was in the place where all these were happening nearby two thousand year ago. Thank God.

Saint Peter’s Church interior

Saint Peter’s Church interior

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28:19-20