Text-to-Speech apps for iPhone 7 Plus

I was lucky to get my iPhone 7 Plus two weeks ago. Thanks God.

How is it? Long story short, it is fast. Every time I unlock the device with its new Home Button, I feel fast!

I do believe we will have more audio interaction with iPhone, especially using iPhone to listen to news and to get information. Apple AirPods are not available yet. However, with the new Stereo Speaker System, iPhone 7 can speak louder and clearer than many other devices!

Overcast, HKEJ, Pocket and Audible are the apps I most frequently listen to. In the last few days a few more apps get more timeshare from me. They are iBooks, Workflow and SCMP.

iBooks has been working with Speak Screen since iOS 8. I find the Speak Screen feature in iOS 10 is more stable. It won’t stop unexpectedly. I can now use Speak Screen confidently to read out iBooks content. iBooks tracks the reading status of each book. It is very handy feature when reading several books. With 3D Touch, I can easily resume reading. (ISC)2’s InfoSecurity Professional Magazine now supports ePub format. It is more iPhone-friendly than PDF. I use iPhone more to read/listen to this magazine.

SCMP, the most popular English newspaper in HK, removed its paywall last April. Thanks to the Alibaba’s acquisition. SCMP is a great app but it does not support text-to-speech. However, Workflow does! There is Workflow action extension “Speak Body of Article”. With three clicks – Share Button, Run Workflow, Speak Body of Article – iPhone will read out the good SCMP content! Workflow’s “Speak Body of Article” works with Nuzzel and Medium too.

I customize the extension to speak Chinese (rather the English), and it works with the Apple Daily app (蘋果動新聞)!

I am listening to news spoken by iPhone when I am writing this blog post on my Mac.

Some iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black users encounter unresponsive Home button problem. Try Reset All Settings and set it up as a new iPhone!