Apple Watch Review – two year after

Published: 20170507

Time flies. Thanks.

I was lucky to get the Apple Watch Series 0 on the launch day two years ago. One major change after wearing it is now I run more and regularly. Several 5km runs per week. I am a healthier person now too.

Activity level indicators remind me to move or exercise more. They draw my attention. They are the triggers. 

Habit = trigger, behavior, reward

The most challenging job to run is to get out of the door before it was too late in the day. Will it rain? How many days from my last run? To see the sunset when running along the harbourfront? The Activity, Weather Conditions, RunKeeper, Sunrise / Sunset, Pedometer++ complications all help!

Tsukudani Yanagibashi Komatsuya at 1 Chome-2-1 Yanagibashi, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 111-0052, Japan

It is great to take photos if you see beautiful scene or interesting thing when you are running, isn’t it? However it is not very easy to get the iPhone out of the armband in general. With iPhone 7 IP76 water resistance, I don’t have to put it inside any armband to protect it from rain /splash. I can carry iPhone 7 outside and let it more accessible. Quad Lock Run Kit helps me to do so. It just takes a second or two to detach/attach your iPhone to the armband. And it changes things!

So here my running gears:
-iPhone 7S Plus
-Quad Lock Run Kit
-ASICS Tiger GT-2000 running shoes

My Apple Watch Series 0 is 2-year-old and it works great (Notes a). If I buy a new one, below is wish list for my next Apple Watch:

1.three-day battery life, and I don’t have to carry the charging cable during short trip
2.built-in thermometer to measure body temperature, good info when running
3.Watch OS can launch app automatically/programmatically when it detach some motion/behavior patterns
4.Watch app which can measure sleep pattern/quality automatically (Notes b)
5.more useful complications

Gadget is very powerful computationally today. It will be great if it can be programmed to do things automatically and unattended. Let’s talk more next time.


a.My sister told me recently that her Nintendo Game & Watch Octopus handheld was still working! It is 35-year-old!
b.Pillow tracks sleeping using Apple Watch
c.A.D. Bible Continues is on air at every Sat 11pm Taipei Time. Chinese subtitle is available.

Thank you.

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