iPhone X review. It is Freedom.

Like you, Q4 is a busy quarter! I didn’t wrote any blog since last August! There were many interesting things during the period to write! Let me do it now.

Like many lucky people, I’ve been using iPhone X 256GB Sliver for several month. I would like to share my experience and thoughts with you. If I have to use one word to describe iPhone X – it is freedom.

Apple iPhone X

Below are the great things of iPhone X:

1. Form factor. Size, weight and texture. Iphone X is 43.6mm (height) x 70.9mm (width) x 7.7mm (depth )7.7mm and 174g in weight. It maybe the prefect size of modern smartphone. I had to use two hands to operate the iPhone plus models. I like the bigger screen, more content at a glance and more battery life. I traded them with my single-hand control in the 6/6S/7 plus era. With iOS 11 Reachability, I CAN now use my right hand to ALMOST fully control the new iPhone. It is more challenging for my left hand to swipe-down from the top-right corner to activate the Control Center. The Freedom of single-hand control is (almost) back! Thanks Apple!

2. Great screen.

ASUS Zenfone 3 vs Apple iPhone X

3. Wonderful “Tap-to-Wake” feature. Responsiveness is the best competitive advantage of Apple devices. I have being using ASUS Zenfone 3 (ZE520KL) since last Mar. I love its Tap-to-Wake feature. The screen is the largest physical button. It is easy to tap. It is completely silent (comparing to the somehow annoying sound produced by the haptic engine when press on the iPhone 7 virtual home button). However sometimes the ZE520KL Tap-to-Wake does not work and I have to tap several times. Iphone X Tap-to-Wake always works. It just works!

4. Effort-less Face ID. It is easy to migrate from Touch ID to Face ID. Tap-to-Wake, Raise-to-Wake, and Always-on Listen for “Hey Siri” powered by M11 coprocessor, all these lay the foundation of Face ID. Touch ID requires one physical action to activate. Face ID too. No extra effort.

5. Battery life. Iphone X does a amazing job in power management! With a 2716mAh battery, I’ve never run of power in from 8am to 8pm. Or OLED display is less power demanding then LCD. I don’t have to evaluate if I should carry a battery charger. It is another form of freedom.

6. Wireless charging. Even with a 7.5W fast charging Qi charger, it is slower that a physical lightning cable + any 5Vx2.4A modern USB charger. However, wireless charging is a very pleasant experience. We need two hands to plug in and pull out the lightning cable every time we charge iPhone. To put down and bring up iPhone X from a wireless charger is a single-hand-action.

IPhone X is not perfect. To be exact, the Apple iOS ecosystem is not perfect. It is cool that I don’t have to do much to change form iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone X. It is almost effortless. I don’t have to pay special attention other than to avoid dropping it!

However, iPhone X is losing my attention too. I spend much more time on the 1.5-year-old ZE520KL in the last few weeks. Why? It is easy to hold (144g). Google Assistant can do more than Siri. There are more Smart Home devices supporting Google Assistant than Apple HomeKit!

More to share in the next blogpost!

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your month, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29

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