iPhone X review – 3rd party accessories

I shared my iPhone X experience in the last blogpost. I want to add something more. iPhone X hardware is market leading. On the software side, iOS are much more better than Android in many areas:

1. Media playback control is very easy and user-friendly on iOS. I don’t know why I cannot control music or podcast playback on Android lock screen (ASUS Zenfone 3 with Nougat).
2. Speak Screen is another great iOS feature! It is so nice to lay back with closed eyes and listen to great articles found on web. Safari -> Reader -> Speak Screen.
3. Power management. With it and co-processor, we have Listen to “Hey Siri”. It is a heavy duty to listen for instruction around the clock! iPhone X speaker is loud and microphone is sensitive. It is always with its user. If Siri can do more, iPhone X is a better smart speaker than Amazon Echo and Google Home!

Great apps. Overcast, duet, Workflow and Transmit are fantastic!

Besides great apps, third-party hardware makes iPhone a better ecosystem! Especially true in the smart home market (which is my next blogpost topic). Below are some hardware accessories which I am using and I would like to recommend to you:
1. Spigen X Case Rugged Crystal
2. Quad Lock Run Kit. I used last year iPhone 7 Plus version. It was a must have when I ran. The new Quad Lock for iPhone X is improved and it fits even better with iPhone X. With its small footprint, iPhone X is better running companion! Special thanks to the improvement in delivery. I ordered before Thanksgiving and I received it on 1st Dec! Quick!

3. Momax Q.Pad Wireless Charger

4. Lamicall Foldable Stand


5. Lead Trend Z-Dock. I can plug and unplug my iPhone with a single hand.


6. PQI i-Cable Charging and Sync Stand for Apple Lightning Devices. I bought it a few years ago for iPhone 5. Subsequent Plus devices are too big and heavy to stay stable with this stand. iPhone X can!


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