Don’t give your strange daughter your hard-drive password

The world is strange and dangerous. The Australian bushfires disaster is breath-taking! The country is very dry and hot. 10.3m hectares or 10,300,000 standard rugby fields are already burnt. 5500km away in Jakarta, an equivalent of 72,000 Olympic-size swimming pools came pouring down on Jakarta on New Year’s Eve.


The flooding in Jakarta last week is the worst over a decade. I was glad that we were able to make the trip, to meet our partners and teammates in Jakarta and to share our 2020 directions with them in person.


Team dinner, Jakarta, 8-Jan-2020

Team dinner, Jakarta, 8-Jan-2020

After a packed two-day Jakarta trip, I flew to Bangkok to join our partner to meet customers. We demonstrated how InsightFD early wildfire detection system works. We received and reviewed forest fire alerts from our robots hundreds to thousands of kilometers away from us. We’re thankful to get good customer feedback and suggestions during the meetings.


My demonstration tool is just an iPad.


We build our software interface with the latest web technology. It is easy to use. It is intuitive. People nowadays are accustomed to using browsers to share things with friends, to shop, and to manage their everyday lives! Why don’t manage wildfire detection? The last thing you want to do in an emergency is to install new software!


Insight Globe web-based management platform

Insight Globe web-based management platform


A fully packed and tense Bangkok trip. I needed some Thai massages to relax my tight shoulders!


I spend the Sat morning walking in Lumphini Park. A peaceful greeny place in the city. The air quality is better in the park, and many people run and do exercises in the area. It is a beautiful oasis in the polluted metropolitan city! Some people wear masks in Bangkok. No restriction.

I walked 2-hr in the park and listened to a 2-hr TWiT podcast. A good physical and mental exercise. Modern people love multitasking, however, most tasks are competing for attention and they usually reduce productivity. Walking and listening are a valuable combination which indeed can work together to produce better results!


Lumphini Park, Bangkok, 11-Jan-2020

Lumphini Park, Bangkok, 11-Jan-2020


We spend a lot of visual attention on sales presentations and pricing spreadsheets. Our eyes need more off-times. Thank God we can listen and learn.


It was a beautiful Saturday. It was a peaceful and mature election in Taiwan. The world is beautiful and peaceful if we listen and learn.


Pick of the weeks:


1.This Week in Tech podcast #752 – Don’t give your strange daughter your hard-drive password More Seam Than Bezel

CES Preview, 2020’s New Tech Laws, micro-targeting, and fun!


2.AirRead is an easy-to-use text-to-speech iOS app. Works in the background, good for multitaskers.


3.Perception Blind Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

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