RoboticsCats ReportFires web app. February 2020.

Good morning 29-Feb-2020!

It is a sunny Saturday in Tokyo. Good for a walk and podcats in the morning and some nice coffee. Finally I can sit down to write a blog for myself. An hour of freedom and solitude.


Good morning sunshine!


What a February!

A month ago we had the Chinese New Holidays. Good time for family gatherings. A break from work to re-energize ourselves. What happened then was totally unexpected.

The RoboticsCats team did come back to work from the holidays. The major difference was we all worked from homes in February! All our colleagues work from their homes in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taipei, and Tokyo.

A sunny Saturday

A sunny Saturday. Be happy, don’t worry.


#Wuhanvirus / #coronavirus / #COVID19

Whatever it is called, it reminds us of what happened in the year 2003.

In that spring of 2003, we found that we could do very little. Desperate. Hopeless.

Thank God the virus outbreak ended in the summer.

Thank those doctors and nurses risking their lives to protect the people in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is not a place. It is the people. Just like Asgard.


RoboticsCats ReportFires

“I am now in Tokyo, my latitude is 35.700 and longitude is 139.779 respectively.  I see some smoke about 3km away from my position in the southeast direction. Please send someone to check if there is a fire!”

We need precise and concise information in urgency. Not everyone can communicate that way verbally. Not everyone has Siri Jarvis.

RoboticsCats ReportFires is a crowdsourcing app to allow people to report and share wildfire location information. Wildfire risks are high for those living at WUI (Wildland-Urban-Interface). They will be very alert and try their best to protect their families and homes from wildfires. Besides purpose-built early fire detection robots, we believe people can help to report nearby fires to the authorities using common gadgets – smartphones. The authorities can make informed decisions and take timely actions. People need a tool to report fire locations easily. As easy as Google Maps.

The idea came when we submitted our proposal to CALFIRE last year. We implemented it this February. Design, development and UAT (User Acceptance Test) are all completed in the last four weeks! The time we saved form commuting to work allowed us to do more things! Thank our beta testers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Portugal, and Chile!

ReportFires will be launched coming Monday, 2-March-2020.

Every challenge brings out some good new things from human beings.


Web Application Firewall

ReportFires is a free web app. We need a WAF to protect it and to make it highly available and serviceable. Whenever and wherever.  A tool in need is a tool indeed!

I spend a few days doing some market researches. I picked StackPath WAF. I knew MaxCDN was a respectful competitor when I was working at EdgeCast a few years ago. MaxCDN is now part of StackPath. Their WAF is cost-effective and easy to use. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is important. We are a small start-up. I spend 15 minutes to implement and test it! Thank StackPath!


Pick of the week

Exponent podcast #180 – It’s been a Week

An episode dedicated to Mr. Clayton Christensen.


I wish everyone a joyful Saturday. Have a nice coffee too.


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