We’ve been working from home for 8-week

Good morning 29-Mar-2020.

It is a snowy and still Sunday morning. Good for some blue and sentimental music.



March: the world is slowing down
WHO (World Health Organization) finally announced on 12-March-2020 that the COVID-19 outbreak was a pandemic. Late is better than never?!

Governments and people around the world are trying to stay at home, to do social distancing, and to flatten the curve. Most of the focuses are on public health (discussion). Everything else is secondary. We see sales activities are slowing are down. Similar to other industries. Wildfire detection and prevention activities are not immune.


Online Meeting
Zoom becomes very popular recently. It becomes an everyday tool for those working or learning from home.

Online meeting was a hot business topic when Cisco Systems acquired WebEx at US$3.2 billion in the year 2007. Screen and video sharings improve communication effectiveness. 13-year later smartphone brings mobility and mass adoption to online meetings. Everyone can meet anyone anywhere. People adopt better tools to communicate. Late is better than never.

Why don’t we use free Skype to do online meetings?
-to sign up Skype is difficult
-to ask someone to share his Skype ID is very difficult
-to share your smartphone screen in realtime is impossible

A quick tip: set up your online meeting to “mute participants upon entry” by default. It helps everyone.

Zoom setup web interface

Zoom setup web interface


Cisco Webex setup app interface

Cisco Webex setup app interface


Thanks for all the user feedbacks to our new reportfires.RoboticsCats.com web app. We made some UI adjustments to make the app more intuitive. For example, the menu bar is now shown when starting the web app. We assume every user is the first-time user and we show directly and clearly what he/she can do with the app at the beginning. Avoid ambiguity and guessing.




Zoom and Cisco Webex mobile apps support screen sharing. We find Zoom a very good tool to demonstrate mobile app. We used it many times to show our new Insight Globe Mobile app and ReportFires web app.

One good lesson we learn from Zoom: hassle-free for the first-time user. ReportFires does not require sign up or registration.


Picks of the week
1.Podcast: Linear Digressions: Understanding Covid-19 transmission: what the data suggests about how the disease spreads


2.Gadget for home office: MICOE adjustable laptop stand

MICOE Adjustable Laptop Stand

MICOE Adjustable Laptop Stand


3.Music: “The End of the World” by Skeeter Davis


4.Book: 《世界末日與冷酷異境》


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