ReportFires: our first Kickstarter campaign

We are on the same journey of global WFH movement, aren’t we?

Working-From-Home is sometimes lonely. Solitude will bring new things.

And it brings us our first Kickstarter campaign! Cool!



Here is our “app journey” summary:

Jan: First Australia mega-bushfires. Then the coronavirus outbreak. The world was never the same.

Feb: Supply chains and transportation were not functioning! We developed the ReportFires web app to help people to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.

Mar: RoboticsCats ReportFires web app launched in Chiang Mai, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

Apr: we evaluated the lesson learned in the ReportFires web app

May: we finalize the ReportFires mobile app scope and design. It is an AI wildfire detection mobile app

Jun-Jul: R&D. We met a few mobile app developers to discuss outsourcing partnerships. Glad to team up with a very experienced development house to build the ReportFires mobile app!

Aug: work in progress! We target to launch ReportFires app in coming October!



What you can get from ReportFires?

  • to help you to fight or flight, respond ahead of wildfire
  • to protect your family and community from nearby wildfires
  • to alert others of wildfires in the vicinity


What is ReportFires? What can it do?

It is a FREE AI wildfire detection app. It can

  • alerts you of nearby wildfire reported by other users
  • detects wildfire near your home
  • helps you report wildfire location easily by map clicks


We build the mobile app because we want to help people to better respond to wildfires. The app will be a good marketing tool to showcase our technologies. Doing both is great!

Software development is now at full speed! Interim deliverables are very promising! We believe it will be a useful and popular app when it launches in October.

A good app is useful if there are people using it. We’re exploring different options to promote the new ReportFires mobile app, to drive adoption, and to help more people to know and use it. The challenge is we don’t have much budget to do it.

We want to market the app to the world. We need fundings. We’re a startup. Why not try crowd-funding? Let’s go Kickstarter!



We studied both successful and failed Kickstarter campaigns. There are a lot of tasks and subtle details to launch a campaign. Significant workloads for an IT start-up. Many tasks are professional activities of different domains. Moreover, mobile app is not a popular Kickstarter category and only about 20% of app campaigns can meet their funding goals!

With all potential challenges, we are committed to moving forward with our Kickstarter campaign. We don’t have all the skills we need, but we have abundant talents from our customers, partners, advisors, and friends who will help us!

Thanks for all the invaluable supports from our friends and advisors in different professions and countries! The coming Kickstarter campaign is only possible with their generous help in graphic designs, copywriting, proof-reading, gift production, online marketing, etc!

It is our common goal to build a better world that brings us to work together. It is our differences which create new great things!


ReportFires Kickstarter Landing Page - Click to Report 2

ReportFires Kickstarter Landing Page – Click to Report 2


After months of preparation, our Kickstarter campaign is going to launch in September. Many moving parts in the project. A few critical tasks are still work-in-progress. We will start promoting our Kickstarter campaign next week. The coming weeks will be very interesting and exciting! The preparation itself is a successful crowdsourcing experience!


What do you think about our Kickstarter campaign landing pages?

The ReportFires Kickstarter campaign will launch in early September. See you then!

It is a fun and meaningful journey. We invite you to join us~


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