Top 10 current Kickstarter projects, September 2020

I was very busy last week. WFH 12/7! I need to buy something to verify I am connected to the reality…

I go to Kickstarter to find cool stuff and interesting ideas. Round pegs in the square holes. Pledge something. Change things. Move the human race forward.

Below is my list of best Kickstarter projects in September 2020. In ascending order. I develop this list with balanced objectivity and subjectivity. Selection criteria:

  • Usefulness
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Environment-friendly
  • Value for money

Hope you enjoy the list.

10. WonderSpray, by WonderSpray (gadgets)

To clean the butt by water spray is very hygiene and comfortable experience. It makes you want to visit Japan. The video is lovely!

9. BRZRKR, by BOOM! Studios (graphics novels)

It is Keanu Reeves. Period. It is about John Wick, isn’t it?

8. LARQ Pitcher, by Justin Wang (product design)

Clean drinking water is very important. An everyday tool with good UI. We need it.

7. Pure Over, by Pure Over (product design)

We need good coffee in between cups of clean water. All glass coffee-making experience. It works best with good coffee beans and purified water.

6. Silver Grip, by Fusion Creations (product design)

It seems very convincing that silver can kill viruses. It helps us reduce the use of paper tissue (to avoid direct contact of objects) and alcohol (to clean our hands after direct touching external objects).

5. Nanobag 4.0, by TipTop Things LTD (product design)

We use too many plastic bags! This Nanobag is very small and handy to carry. An Essential tool for grocery shopping.

We need many new things to live healthily nowadays.

4.Arsenal 2, by Ryan Stout (camera equipment)

Good photos are never enough. We need more, especially when developing a Kickstarter campaign! With this AI gadget, we can take photos like masters! AI is good! We should support anything powered by AI, right?

3. Unfound Backpack, by Unfound (accessories)

This backpack is beautiful. Handy for workday use with after-work exercise. It can store everything for a short trip. Looks cool. Designed in Taiwan. Made in Taiwan.

2.Cook System, by Wolf and Grizzly (design)

What does adventure mean to you?

Making a grilled fish with fresh lemon beside a river in a beautiful forest on a summer weekend. This stainless steel cooking tool is a masterpiece! It is almost the best of the best! However, to make a great and safe adventure, we need one more thing…

1. ReportFires app, by RoboticsCats / Andre Cheung (app)

Your AI wildfire detection app

  • Usefulness: checked, especially for those living in WUI
  • Innovation: the world first Machine Learning wildfire detection app
  • Design: single hand UI
  • Environment-friendly: checked, it mitigates wildfire risks & damages
  • Value for money: FREE app

All these Kickstarter projects are now live. Go to pledge them! Wish everyone a joyful September!

PS: this is my 100th blog post! Marvelous!

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