ReportFires app Kickstarter campaign – animation video

The year 2020 is unprecedented.

Many new things happened. And we do many new things to respond.

ReportFires iPhone app empowers user to quickly report wildfire by simple map clicks.

The first video of our ReportFires app Kickstarter campaign is 2-minute long. It is a little bit standard, somehow “boring”. Yup, it is more a B2B kind of stuff. We made it by exporting a Powerpoint presentation into video and then edited it to add background music. A week later we added voiceovers to make the video more telling and reduced the words in the video.

We wanted to make another video, more customer-oriented to better fit our target audience. It was out of our capacity to make a video with the wildfire scenes. The standard is high (and there are a few masterpieces [1][2][3]). We believed an animation would be a good option to demonstrate how the ReportFires app would help in a wildfire outbreak. A good animation can be less heavy for everyone in this tough year. And we had a good story to tell – ReportFires app can save a cat!

The original hand writing storyboard draft

We planned to outsource the animation production to a freelancer on Fiverr. At the same time, TimelessFlick contacted me via LinkedIn. Just in time. (Thanks hardworking sales professionals, thanks LinkedIn!)

They’re a Singapore startup providing animation production services. Their work portfolio is good. They are promoting their services to start-ups in Hong Kong. The promotional price is good. The standard production time is 4-week.

My own requirement was simple – I wanted the animation ASAP. Must have it in 2-week time so that we would use it in our Kickstarter campaign. TimelessFlick listened to us. We listened to them as well what they need from a customer to produce an animation.

From the initial contact on Wednesday afternoon, 16-Sep-2020. Online meeting in the next day morning, we contracted in the afternoon, we provided the animation storyboard and voice script by the evening. Confirmed the storyboard and animation scenes during the weekend. And TimelessFick handed over the 39-second animation by Wednesday 2:39 pm, 23-Sep-2020!

We made it in 1-week! TimelessFlick over-achieved their commitment! They overcame time constrain to make things happen!

It is another timeless proof to me that the world is borderless! People in different cities can work together seamlessly to make great things!

Hope you like the animation video. Hope you like our message. Hope you will join us and support our Kickstarter campaign:

“And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39


1.Only the Brave,

2.Fire in Paradise,

3.Rebuilding Paradise,

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