UNEP Modern Technologies for Disaster Management Webinar Series

This is a long weekend in Hong Kong. I have some time to write something. Thanks.

It was my pleasure to present in the UNEP Modern Technologies for Disaster Management webinar last Tuesday (28-Sep-2021). This webinar focused on opportunities and challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence and its use in disaster management. It was the second webinar of the four-part series. The first one (14-Sep) was about Robotics, the third (12-Oct) and fourth (26-Oct) webinars will talk about Drones and the Internet of Things. Please register at: bit.ly/ModernTech4DisasterMgmt

It is a new exposure for me to speak in a UNEP event There are some things very interesting and I would like to share with you.

There were five speakers and six members in the UNEP organizing team (Resilience to Disasters and Conflicts Global Support Branch). These 11 people are based in 11 different countries: Germany, Qatar, China, France, United States, Switzerland, Netherlands, Botswana, United Kingdom, Nepal, and Mexico. I found the teamwork was very good and professional. Kudos to the organizing team!

The webinar attendees asked very good questions! Domain-specific and relevant. Very impressive.

The speakers were AI experts! I learned a lot from this event! It was a very informative webinar. In case you missed the webinar, I highly recommend you watch the video recording. I think you can find it on YouTube.

If you want a quick summary of the presentations, below are my picks.

Opening remarks, by Monique Kuglitsch:

“High-quality data are the foundation of AI-based algorithms.”

It is so true and fundamental!

Dear customer, please clean your camera lens and provide us clear images. Thanks.

Extracting information from social media for crisis response and management, by Dr. Muhammad Imran:

“Deep learning models need, first of all, huge amounts of data. Second, they need to have diversity. So having the footprint of one incident in different cases would greatly help deep learning models to make more robust inferences.”

AI-powered wildfire detection system, by me:

“We need different tools for different stakeholders to stop the threat from spreading. Masks for COVID-19. Early detections for wildfire.”

Monitoring and forecasting floods with artificial intelligence, by William Castaings:

“Velocity and discharge remain quantities of interest which are very often challenging or impossible to measure during extreme events.”

Integrating AI with hazard science to improve disaster resilience, by Craig Fugate:

“This is really about how do you price risk in a way that induces both governments, but more importantly private sector, to change behaviors both in reducing carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases, but also actions they need to take now to mitigate against the impacts.”

“By working together with the right tools, we can bring positive impacts on a global scale today.”

This UNEP webinar series is one the right tools. We need more. I am looking forward to the coming Drones and IoTs webinars! Please join us and register at: bit.ly/ModernTech4DisasterMgmt

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