EdgeCast Application Delivery Network (ADN) improves dynamic content performance

EdgeCast Application Delivery Network

EdgeCast Application Delivery Network (ADN) improves web page performance by optimizing TCP/IP network paths & communications to reduce latency and increase speed of non-cacheable content.

Dynamic content cannot be practically/effectively cached because a dynamic asset previously generated by a web application would never be requested again. ADN finds other ways through which to speed up data delivery to clients. ADN is able to drastically reduce the amount of time that it takes to communicate with the origin server by optimizing the network path and through the use of both server efficiency and RFC-compliant protocol optimizations. This allows these dedicated servers to transmit dynamic data at a much faster rate than traditional Internet data routes.


EdgeCast ADN performs better than traditional Internet because
EdgeCast PoPs around the world are connected with each other with best selected routes at multi-hundred Gbps capacities
– TCP/IP connections between EdgeCast edge servers and ADN gateway servers are optimized by techniques such as TCP Fast Start, TCP Packet Sizing, Congestion Avoidance, Connection and Packet Multiplexing, etc.
– The closet EdgeCast ADN gateways will be selected to connect to customer origin to maximize transmission performance between customer origin and EdgeCast ADN
– The closet EdgeCast ADN edge servers, based on BGP Anycast technology, will be selected and connected to client to maximize transmission performance between client and EdgeCast ADN

Therefore by routing traffic through EdgeCast ADN rather than public Internet, customer origin can send dynamic content to client at higher speed!

To demonstrate EdgeCast ADN, I simulate dynamic content by adding the following codes in the .htaccess fileĀ under the directory demo.cheungwaikin.com/adn/:
<FilesMatch “.(jpg|jpeg|png|html)$”>
Header set Cache-Control “max-age=0, private, no-cache, no-store”

The original page is http://demo.cheungwaikin.com/adn/adn-a.html
The ADN optimized page is http://adn-demo4.cheungwaikin.com/adn/adn-b.html

Random tests at Webpagetest show the ADN optimized page loads faster than the original page:
Webpagetest result of the original page
Webpagetest result of the ADN optimized page
Webpagetest visual comparison

Webpagetest Visual Comparison

We can see the Time to First Byte and Content Download of those objects delivered from EdgeCast ADN – the HTML code and the image edgecast-adn.jpg – are faster than that of the origin page.

Google Analytics Page Timings on 4-Apr-2013:
– Original page: 2.25sec average page load time
– ADN optimized page: 1.79sec average page load time

Please click the original page and ADN optimized page to see & feel the performance improvement yourself! Your engagement will help generating more RUM data too!