Long Time No See!

How are you? Long time no see! [1]

New Things
I haven’t written any personal blogs for 20 months. I joined a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong, and I have been busy doing something new to me since March 2019:

  • I am selling a new product – AI-based early wildfire detection robot
  • I am selling to new customer segments – wildfire service organization, national parks, and forestry, etc.
  • I am selling to new geo markets: Indonesia, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, USA, and Canada, etc.
  • I am learning trees and forests…

And, I founded a new company Robotics Cats last August to focus on doing the things abovementioned more effectively and productively!

I Did Write Something
I have been working closely with the marketing team to develop content to better reach and communicate with our target customers. Here is a recent company blog post:
Has Environmental supports MoEF to reduce forest and land fires in Indonesia

An InsightFD early forest and land fire detection robot in Kalimantan

An InsightFD early forest and land fire detection robot in Kalimantan

We read and research a lot to write good content for our audience. Some information is very interesting but not used in our marketing materials. I would like to share it with you!

1. Supertrees: Brazil nut trees can make rains, Indonesia mangroves keep (a huge amount) of carbon underground, Congo Afrormosia supports biodiversity, VOX

2. The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2020, Forbes
25 countries are recommended. Most of them are full of natural beauties such as forests and beaches. And yes, we are doing businesses in many of these countries!

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - GETTY IMAGES

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – GETTY IMAGES

3.17 Responsibilities of Non-Technical Founders in a Startup, Forbes
Business development, market research, marketing, prototyping, account management, customer service, hiring & training, fundraising, accounting & finance, legal work, cheerleading, testing, networking, customer development, sales, quality assurance, assessing risk & opportunity.
Very true!

Pick Of The Week
Are you looking for recommended app or gadget?

Here you are:
Lululeague Smartphone Stand Holder, amazon.co.jp
Pro: Light-weighted (41g), adjustable (360-degree), sturdy and durable, inexpensive (US$7.9)

Lululeague smartphone stand holder, amazon.co.jp

Lululeague smartphone stand holder, amazon.co.jp

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy it.

1. Who first said ‘Long Time, No See’ and in which language? NPR