ReportFires is now available on App Store, 20201010

20201010 is a beautiful day.

It is a day for celebration. We made a few great things yesterday.

1.ReportFires app Kickstarter campaign is successfully finished

Our 30-day crowdfunding project ended yesterday morning. Thank all 105 backers from 14 countries! We met our funding goal of US$20000!

We initially were not sure we could meet the goal. App is not a popular Kickstarter category. Anyway, we decided to fund the development of the Free app ourselves. Any third party financial support is a bonus for us! Nothing to lose!

The campaign helped us to promote the app and reach more potential users! B2B and B2C marketing are very different. This is a very valuable lesson learned for us!

ReportFires app Kickstarter campaign successfully met the funding target

2.ReportFires is approved by App Store

On the same morning, Apple approved our submission to App Store! The whole approval process was than 48-hour! Pretty good.

Apple asked a few questions about the use of the ReportFires app and the target uses. The requested a video to show how our AI image detection of wildfire smoke works.

We replied promptly. Apple responded quickly too. It made us thought that Apple found the app useful and wanted to make it available on the App Store ASAP!

Here is the ReportFires App Store link:

ReportFires is now available on the App Store

3.Unwire.Pro interview is published

Unwire.Pro, a popular tech news website, interviewed a few days ago. They found our app was very unique and they were interested in the golden circle, the why-how-what of ReportFires.

The Unwire.Pro crew was very professional and they asked many good questions. We provided them great answers too!

They published the article yesterday at noon! What a coincidence! It helped us to promote the ReportFires app too.

We believe the ReportFires app is a useful tool. It is useful when people are using it.

Here is the online article:

Photo source:

4.Successful fire test in Europe

In yesterday afternoon Hong Kong Time, which was morning Eastern Europe Time (EET), our partner was doing a fire test to demonstrate InsightFD features to the forest firefighter department. The weather was windy and very challenging for wildfire detection! We’re glad that the InsightFD system successfully detected wildfire in the fire test! Cool!

It was a great result. The partner and we spend huge effort to optimize InsightFD for the Eastern European forest environment! And our effort pays off!

It is a beautiful Saturday!

Beautiful day. 20201010

Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for being the freest economy in the world1. She is the number three global financial centre2. The city is the fourth-most densely populated territory3.

Hong Kong is also one of the most popular travel destinations for international travelers. Why? center with no sales tax/VAT
2.six Apple Stores
2.very accessible location with most internationally connected airport
4.beautiful skyscrapers in central business district
4.hiking trails, country parks, and the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark


Hiking Trails

Forty percent of Hong Kong is designated as country parks for nature conservation, countryside recreation, and outdoor education. The country parks comprise scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs, and coastline in all parts of Hong Kong. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) manages the 24 country parks in Hong Kong. These country parks attract more than 13 million visitors per year and embrace the eco-tour development in Hong Kong.

With steep landscape surrounded by boundless sea, there are many fabulous hiking trails in the country parks. The 100km MacLehose Trail is the longest one, and 2019 marks it’s 40th anniversary. The Dragon’s Back, one of the world’s best hiking trails is in Hong Kong!

The trails in Hong Kong are different from those advantageous and breath-taking trails in Nepal or China. Nevertheless, most of them are easy and good for the family!


Dragon's Back Trail in HK

Dragon’s Back Trail in HK


“With its unique proximity of the built environment to nature, Hong Kong’s countryside has become a cherished breath of fresh air for the city’s cramped residents.” reported by

“A hike might reward with panoramic vistas of offshore islands. It could see you soothing your toes on a silk-sand beach or exploring traditional Hakka villages. You might spot birds and monkeys, water buffalo, even a wild boar, or stumble on a rustic seafood restaurant.” recommended by Lonely Planet.



Dry autumn and winter are good for hiking. Wildfires spread quickly uphill. It is difficult nowadays to staff traditional watchtower. How to protect hikers from wildfires? The HK government uses AI-based InsightFD early wildfire detection system to mitigate wildfire risk in the country parks. Three benefits:

    • Fast: AI detection algorithm can early detect flame as small as 2m2. It detects wildfires faster than the nearby citizen
    • Accurate: InsightFD patented technology can accurately locate the latitude, longitude, and altitude of fire detected.
    • Efficient: InsightFD robots work 24×7. Fire crews can remotely view and investigate potential wildfires reported by the public. All these help the fire crews to dispatch its resources more efficiently.

With this good and safe eco-tourism environment, more people participate in hiking activity. Exercise is good for health. It will help HK to keep the world number one in life expectancy4!


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1. 2019 Index of Economic Freedom, The Heritage Foundation
2. The Global Financial Centers Index, Z/Yen Group
3. Population density, The World Bank
4. Japan trails Hong Kong in latest life expectancy rankings