One week with Apple Watch: Glance it as a watch!

I’m lucky to be able wearing the Apple Watch for more than one week. Below are the ten remarks of my Apple Watch experience:

1.The screen is crystal clear and best for highly focused information which can be consumed in a second to two!

2.The watch face (or the Complication Layer, the highest hierarchy stated by Horace Dediu) is most useful to me. I use the Modular watch face. Current time and calendar help me better use of my time. Outdoor temperature and activity level motivate me to move/exercise more.

3.Haptic notification just works! I usually put my iPhone on silent and sometimes I missed incoming calls. I hadn’t missed any call in the last ten days!

4.Less is more: keep number of Glances at a minimum for easy navigation. Reserve it for the most frequently access information. Here is my list: Battery, Now Playing, Heartbeat, Pacer, Weather, Things, Stocks, Ticker, CNN and Shazam. Shazam is there for quick access. The best assistant is the one with you.

Glances on Apple Watch

5.Third party app is slow. It takes time for precious tapping on the honeycomb-like UI. All these make app not very accessible. That said, there are still some useful apps.

6.The Apple Watch app on iPhone is slow too.

Apple Watch app

7.Interactive app with allow user input is even slower. Example: CALC

8.It takes 2hr to fully charge the Apple Watch from 20% battery level. I usually charge it before sleep. I wear it when I sleep to monitor my heart rate. When I wake up the Apple Watch battery level is 80%+ and charge it 30min to make it full. Hopefully Apple will provide new SDKs so that developers can use Apple Watch to monitor sleeping.

9.We can use Passbook on Apple Watch to enter the departure areas at Hong Kong International Airport. However we cannot use it for boarding unless you have a very very THIN wrist. It is the similar challenge caused by the fixed barcode scanner encountered by Qantas passengers.

10.Recommended 3rd party Apple Watch apps: Things, Pacers, RunKeeper, Overcast, CNN, Ticker, CNBC and Keynote.

3rd party app

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