Listening to Safari, Flipboard and Bible

The best camera book is the one with you.

Visual is the major learning means of people, with Auditory and Kinesthetic come second and third. I’m a visual person and I read frequently via iPhone and iPad because they are more portable that newspaper, magazines and books. I try to use more audio means to learn in order to strength my learning capability as well as to reduce my eyes’ workload. Listening to podcast is my favorite. Learning information security from Security Now!, computing industry from The Critical Path and mobile stuff from iMore. There are too many podcasts to listen.

Recently I find three great episodes from other podcast series:
#35 of Vector: Native apps vs web apps and what comes next!
#398 of MacBreak Weekly: The Police Pursuit Package
#26 of Debug: Evan Doll on Apple and Flipboard.

In the first podcast Don Melton shared his view that HTML and natives apps were not mutually exclusive with each other. Fascinating discussions about WebKit, Passbook and CarPlay.

In the second one Leo recommended a lengthy blogpost from Don Melton about his encounters with Steve Jobs at Apple and NeXT. Don again. Then I used Speaky to listen to the blogpost. A long, funny and touching article. If you love using Safari then it is a must read for you.

In the last one Rene and Guy interviewed Evan Doll, co-founder of Flipboard. Do you use Flipboard? Do you want to know how the iPhone SDK and API evolved? Or how and why Flipboard is founded? If so then you will find this podcast very entertaining, and inspiring.

What is a Personal Magazine? It is a problem worth falling in love with.

I had to learn Religious Study in my primary and secondary schools which were operated by Christian/Catholic organizations. I passed all Religious Study exams but I hardly remember anything now. I am interested in Bible recently. (It is not because I watched the Noah movie.) There are many books in both Old and New Testaments. Many. It is lucky that I find the great app Pocket Bible. It provides audio content for streaming and download in both Mandarin and English. It really helps.

Wish you all have peaceful Easter Holidays.

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    I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new

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